Gar Stazi

The leader of the Galactic Alliance


A tall, proud leader of humble origins and noble pursuits — Gar Stazi has both the energy of a warrior and the presence of an elder statesman.


Wiley and determined, Admiral Gar Stazi has led his fleet in a campaign of harassment against the Sith Empire – actually becoming more of a threat (instead of less of one) as time passed. Hated, but respected by his enemies, Stazi knows that only by escalating the threat it poses can his fleet survive.

Reluctantly willing to consider an alliance with Roan Fel, Stazi sends Lieutenant Commander Weyley to extend an olive branch and share intelligence with the Party while they search for clues about a secret code used by the One Sith.

Met with the Party via hologram to discuss the puzzlebox when they went aboard an Alliance ship with Weyley.

During the battle against the Empire’s Raltiir fleet, placed him forces between the Fel forces (under the command of Edouard Fenel) to protect the evacuation pods of the Empire’s crew – who self destructed their ships.

Gar Stazi

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