DANgerous Star Wars 2

Session 2 Log

With the operation teetering on the brink of disaster, the Party needed to take swift, yet cautious action if there was to be any hope for success. Word of the disturbance at the spaceport had prompted the abrupt departure of Captain Arlan Lassiter from the unveiling gala, which meant that the mission’s already limited timeclock was now suddenly about to run out, with no one from either team ready for phase 3. Despite the acquisition of both the guest list and the required Imperial Mission cargo, neither objective was fully completed, as no new names had been matched to attendees, and the cargo had yet to be delivered to Grant Soto and the Imperium’s smugglers. Worse still, two Group members were in the hands of security forces, their fates unknown.

Solis wasted no time, slipping out of his hiding spot and over to a crowd of onlookers that had gathered near a second cargo ship at the far side of the docking bay. A small number of uniformed security officers had taken to canvasing for witnesses, enabling the scout to be directed to one of the on-scene investigators. Inside the cordoned off area, Solis took on an air of authority and a false name, using his knowledge of bureaucratic procedure to pass himself off as an intelligence agent or other plain-clothed officer with some potentially pertinent information about a certain unsavory Captain Lassiter. While any inquiry into the Captain was sure to turn up nothing of relevance, the delay would at least keep Lassiter on the ground long enough for the Group to catch him – and Solis himself would be long gone before anyone could ask additional questions.

The on-scene investigator Sarkin Highlark agreed to dispatch an officer, presumably not wanting to see any stone go unturned in his investigation into the incident. It was confirmation to Solis that his ruse had worked, so he pressed more, trying to determine if Hothron had been discovered and captured by asking if any Zabraks had been taken into custody or held for questioning. Perplexed by the seemingly offbeat, yet specific question, the investigator agreed to look into the matter, giving Solis a comm channel to reach him on and allowing the scout to continue on his way. For his part, Solis took up subtle pursuit of the dispatched officer, hoping to follow the man to Lassiter’s shuttle.

Meanwhile, at the security station, Sapphire listened at the missionary witnesses whispered to one another about what they had seen – discussions that were periodically silenced by a barked order from a passing security officer. While many details were different from one telling to the next, two elements remained the same: that the assailant had been a male Zabrak, and that he had used a blaster pistol. It was a vague enough description to keep Hothron safe – assuming he wasn’t the only Zabrak in the area at the time.

When his turn to give a statement finally came, Soto kept to the story he had told upon first being encountered by security: that he was a simple bystander who had briefly encountered a sentient fleeing the scene in suspicious fashion. He again described the missionary without mentioning the man’s regalia, keeping his tale as near to the original telling as possible – so as to deny the investigators any new information. Afterwards he was re-seated in the waiting area and told that he should be able to leave soon.

Elsewhere, Hothron surveyed his surroundings inside the medical bay. He was in a room at the far end of the hall from the entryway, with a pair of security officers stationed outside the door. The room itself held little of use to him: the bacta tank he was currently inside, an examination table, a stool for a physician, and storage compartments with basic triage supplies. Nothing that was going to get him past two guards with blaster rifles and backup just a commlink call away. He would have to wait until the situation changed before he could make a move.

As it turned out, he didn’t have to wait long – as almost on cue a quartet of new individuals entered the bay. Three were clearly Imperial army regulars, with plastoid armor and military issue heavy blaster rifles. The fourth was the oddity, dressed in expensive finery, but with a sidearm on his hip. This new group spoke briefly with the security officers before the well-groomed leader had one of his men relieve the posted guards – who nodded their acknowledgement and then left.

Now alone with the quartet, Krill steeled his nerves and began looking once more for anything that might help him escape, or serve as a weapon should he find himself in a fight in the next few moments. On command, the remaining two regulars pulled Hothron from the bacta tank, while the leader pushed the stool forward for the mercenary to sit. Krill played along, taking a seat and waiting. The leader browsed a datapad as he spoke, referring to Hothron as “Missionary” and inquiring about the circumstances of his injuries during the attempted hijacking of the Imperial Mission cargo vessel.

Inferring that he was apparently not yet a suspect, Krill began to concoct his story, of being on board the ship and then feeling the pierce of a blade as he was attacked from behind. He stated that it had happened quickly, and that he had never even seen anyone, simply waking up in the medical bay just moments ago. The leader tapped his datapad one final time, then looked up, with a smirk. It was interesting, the man said, that no other witness had mentioned a blade. Everyone else had seen a Zabrak male with a blaster pistol.

In that second, the quartet’s intention became clear. The leader’s smirk melted into a scowl as he turned to his regulars and gave the order to “Do it”. Hothron reacted in the blink of an eye, flying to his feet, and driving his fist into the leader’s face as the soldiers raised their rifles. The first shot struck true, sending the mercenary backwards just enough for the leader to recover and jam his sidearm into Krills abdomen. Time seemed to freeze as the man pulled the trigger, the resulting bolt incapacitating Hothron and dropping him onto the floor. As the Zabrak blacked out, muffled words drifted through his consciousness. “Get him out of here, keep it quiet”.

Back at the gala, Q’Von and DD-0X exited the estate, moving as quickly as they could manage while still maintaining their appearance as guests who just happened to be leaving a tad early. Outside, reserved airspeeders and their accompanying pilots waited for the officers and dignitaries who would soon be making their way home. The pair moved to the public terminal kiosk, made arrangements for an airspeeder flight, and endeavored to keep a low profile as they awaited transport.

Meanwhile, DFND4 watched from beside the droid charging station as a scanning crew finished its sweep of the Imperial Mission’s cargo vessel. With no further dangers having been found, it was only a matter of time before the docking bay would be open again. The security droid would be able to drop off the stolen supplies to the Imperium’s smugglers soon, and link back up with Solis to move to Lassiter’s shuttle. If he could solve one final problem.

Being situated next to the docking bay’s loading droids, DFND4 found himself the target of a false assumption on the part of a crewman from the other hauler. The man ordered the security droid to get his crate on board the ship, forcing DFND4 to feign compliance and then slip past the loading ramp and underneath the vessel. Once out of sight, DFND4 stored the container inside an air duct, using a hydrospanner swiped from a mechanic’s kit.

Shortly thereafter, Sapphire Soto’s voice came over the comm channel, with a report that he had been given clearance to leave the security station. However, the smuggler also believed he was being followed, as the individual who had given him the notification wasn’t a security officer, but rather a well dressed stranger with an Imperial army soldier as his escort. The man had come to Soto directly, addressed him by name, and then departed without another word.

Solis also had unwelcome news for the channel, as his efforts to tail the dispatched security officer to Lassiter’s shuttle had failed following the man’s acquisition of a speeder to ferry him. The scout had attempted a distraction to slow the officer’s advance and keep close, but the effort was unsuccessful and had gained Solis specific notice – forcing him to give up the pursuit or risk alerting his target to the fact that he was being shadowed.

All was not lost however, as Q’Von and DD-0X had Lassiter and his companions in sight outside of the Governor’s estate. The Captain’s departure had placed him only a few moments behind the prodigy and medical droid, and as such they were in position to follow his reserved airspeeder with the transportation they had called via the terminal kiosk. From their midair position trailing the target, they could provide real time updates and location coordinates as needed.

With things finally starting to come together, the Group set about wrapping up their other business. DFND4 retrieved the stolen cargo and delivered it to Grant Soto and the Imperium’s smugglers. Sapphire procured airborne transport and worked on identifying or losing anyone that might be tailing him after the incident at the security station. Q’Von put the finishing touches on a forged set of military credentials so as to get past the checkpoint and to Lassiter’s shuttle. Solis reconnected with the investigator from the docking bay, in an effort to get any updates on Zabrak prisoners and to be officially paired with the dispatched security officer to interview Lassiter.

Having now completed all other tasks, and being as ready as was possible given the circumstances, the Group converged on the military docking platform that housed Lassiter’s shuttle. Q’Von used his forged credentials to gain entry, bringing DD-0X and Tesh Ryon as his escorts. Solis, Sapphire, and DFND4 entered alongside the dispatched security officer, and were directed to Lassiter’s shuttle – which was preparing for takeoff.

Solis made the first move, sidelining the investigating security officer with other tasks while he boarded the shuttle and addressed the Captain directly. For his part, Lassiter was cautious, but willing to listen when word of an end to his stagnating career was offered. Slowly, methodically, Solis lead the solicitation, convincing the captain to permit the other party members on board to join in the meeting. Q’Von offered up his forged promissory commission document, while DD-0X displayed a listing of other defectors who had since been elevated under the True Emperor Roan Fel.

In the end, Lassiter’s desire for advancement and reciprocation of loyalty won out over his fear and reservations. Upon hearing support for the decision from both his men and his wife, he officially agreed to defect – enabling the Party to contact Minister White with the good news. The deal was cemented with Lassiter making the commitment to provide one of his Star Destroyer’s shuttlecrafts for the Group to use, thus ensuring that he could not back out of the deal, lest he face the wrath of the Sith for providing military equipment to enemies of the Empire.

This agreement necessitated Lassiter taking the Group with him to his ship, where they would train on the vessel’s configuration options, Imperial flight protocols, and shuttle maintenance procedures. The only thing left to do on Rabaan was to locate Hothron, who had not been seen since since the incident at the Imperial Mission cargo ship. Having already established contacts within the investigation, Solis took the lead on this front.

Meanwhile, Hothron awoke to find himself still injured, and still imprisoned. His legs and arms were manacled to the chair and table at which he was seated, and a familiar voice could be heard as the cloth hood covering his head and face was removed. Despite bearing a minor facial wound, the mercenary’s well dressed adversary had lost none of his arrogance. He smirked as he attempted to garner information from Krill, indicating intimate knowledge by asking how long Hothron had worked “for her”. When the Zabrak refused to cooperate, the man offered him one final chance, which Hothron turned down flatly.

With a shrug Krill’s captor rose and opened the room’s door to reveal men just outside. He ordered them to put the mercenary out the airlocke, responding to their inquiry about needing to learn Hothron’s name first by stating coldly that it didn’t matter. When Solis’ search finally located the Party’s wayward teammate, Hothron had been dead for more than an hour. He had been beaten, stabbed, shot, possessed both offensive and defensive wounds, and had been discovered orbiting the planet in nothing but undergarments.

Hothron’s comm (presumably in the hands of whomever killed him) was found to be still active, and briefly emitted static over the secure channel before the Group removed the devices. Although the night’s overall mission had been a success, Hothron’s fate revealed the seriousness of the assignment that they had all undertaken, and that someone, somewhere was working against them…



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