DANgerous Star Wars 2

Session 1 Log

Arriving without incident to Ban Belos Spaceport on the planet Rabaan – located deep inside the territory controlled by those Imperial forces loyal to the usurper Darth Krayt – the Party commenced its first undercover assignment for the Empire-in-Exile under the direction of Imperial Missionary Shandra Otara, a covert agent better known to the Fel Imperium as “Minister White”. Her status as the guest of honor and keynote speaker for the evening’s gala unveiling of the Gyndine Project at the residential estate of Regional Governor Tyberion Lang made her the perfect distraction, but at the cost of leaving her unable to assist the Party as they carried out the night’s objectives.

Chief amongst these goals is the solicitation for defection of Arlan Lassiter, the outcast Captain of the Star Destroyer Challenger. The Imperium’s intelligence files suggest he’s the ideal candidate to turn to the side of the True Emperor, if only he can be spoken to privately and made to see the light – a task his routinely empty social calendar has made nearly impossible until now. With luck, the Party would also fulfill their secondary and tertiary objectives: namely identifying the recipients of previously nonspecific gala invitations and the theft of food and medical supplies from an Imperial Mission cargo ship, bound for Gyndine.

The Group’s three phase plan divided the Party into two teams, with the first (designated “A” or alpha) set to infiltrate the gala while the second (“B” or bravo) maneuvered about the landing pads and docking facilities of the Spaceport. Tesh Ryon (the Imperium’s liaison), Q’Von Casyr (the young holonet prodigy), and DD-0X (the oft-memory wiped medical droid) rounded out “A” team; while bravo team was comprised of Solis Javliin (the Umbaran scout), Sapphire Soto (the formerly retired smuggler pressed into service), DFND4 (the three-armed, custom-built security droid), and Hothron Krill (the Zabrak mercenary).

Things started off well, with alpha team forging a promissory letter of promotion for Captain Lassiter and entering the gala as Shandra’s entourage while bravo team acquired the Group’s mission equipment from Grant Soto, hired smuggler and son to Party member Sapphire. Despite being under arrest and forced to serve the Imperium while his father worked to earn him a pardon, Grant maintained his composure and wished the elder Soto luck, uncertain when they might see one another again once the mission was over.

Inside the gala, Governor Lang took up Shandra’s escort as expected, relieving Tesh of the role, and issuing an “order” for the former escort to find himself a drink, and return with one for Lang – a directive that took the undercover liaison to the nearby bar counter, where he met Kazic, an attendee with a career in finance. Meanwhile, Q’Von and DD-0X spotted a pair of problems with their first phase 1 objective. The estate’s eastern balcony – the site of bravo’s entrance with alpha’s equipment once it has been cleared of gala attendees – possessed a mounted security holocam and a posted member of event security.

Uncertain of how to deal with this unexpected complication without their equipment, Q’Von and DD-0X stayed back while the newly returned Tesh attempted to remove the posted guard using an application of the Force to affect the man’s mind – a move that resulted in additional security personnel being dispatched to investigate his suspicious behavior. Timely intervention by both Q’Von and the financier Kazic enabled Tesh to play at being intoxicated and avoid arrest, but put both he and the holonet prodigy squarely in security’s sights, limiting their ability to contribute to the team’s objectives.

Elsewhere, bravo team had arrived to within electrobinocular range of the eastern balcony and awaited a cleared entrance location – a prolonged delay that eventually forced Sapphire and Solis to send Krill and DFND4 back toward the spaceport to begin bravo team’s first phase 2 objective, locating the Imperial Mission cargo vessel and Captain Lassiter’s private shuttlecraft. In the interim, the smuggler and scout would assist alpha by timing the external patrols while they waited.

Back inside, alpha team pressed on in spite of their difficulties. DD-0X moved to the overlook guest level, quickly discovering it to be choked with the lingering haze of hookah and Esoomian gruu pipe smoke – a method of obfuscation that might just work for blocking the mounted holocam. Q’Von, knowing himself to be a person of interest to security, turned the situation to his advantage, using quick movements and line of sight obstacles to draw the posted guard and backup team into following him as he moved away from the balcony.

With DD-0X using an appendage fan to blow thick smoke to obstruct the holocam from an overhead window, and Q’Von leading security on an odd and circuitous route around the gala, Tesh once again made his move, attempting to remove the final couple occupying the balcony by seeking a dance with the young debutante – much to the chagrin of her wealthy suitor. Although Tesh failed to acquire the dance, the effort was enough to draw the suitor’s ire, who took the opportunity to show up the liaison by taking the lady for a dance himself – Finally clearing the balcony for bravo team.

Sapphire and Solis moved swiftly, covering the distance between their cover and the building’s base as rapidly as they could. Ascension guns made the trek upwards a minor affair and as quickly as they had arrived, the smuggler and scout were gone again, passing the equipment pack off and racing back across the clearing to return to the spaceport and catch up to Krill and DFND4. For their part, the mercenary and security droid had located a trio of Imperial Missionaries, and had made their approach – claiming that Missionary Otara had sent them to resolve an error on the shipping manifest.

Krill explained that a small selection of items were placed on board by mistake and needed to be removed before the ship launched, handing the team’s datapad with the cargo vessel acquisition list to the confused missionary, who agreed to take them with him to straighten things out with the ship’s captain. Once inside the vessel, the mercenary followed the Captain to his cabin while DFND4 began opening cargo containers and filling a spare crate with the items from the Group’s list.

The situation devolved quickly however, when the Captain stated his need to send a transmission to clear the transfer of items – a process that Krill knew would reveal the falsehood of his claims. The Zabrak struck the Captain with his ion blaster, wielding the weapon as a bludgeoning instrument and rendering the Captain unconscious with a series of blows about the head and shoulders. Krill ordered nearby Missionaries who had witnessed this outburst into the room and sealed the door, but not before one escaped, racing past DFND4 and off of the vessel.

Sapphire arrived on scene at this point; he and Solis having received the docking bay number from the droid and mercenary while they were enroute. The fleeing missionary began to tell his story to Soto, then noticed the smuggler’s weapons and decided him a part of the apparent robbery crew. The frightened man resumed his flight, but not before Sapphire managed to rip off his identity chip. For his part, Solis secreted himself alongside a nearby stack of shipping containers, remaining out of sight now that things had started to go wrong.

Meanwhile, alpha team moved on to the objectives for the second phase of their part of the mission. Q’Von made amends with the security guard, offering up a drink as part of his apology and smoothing things over just enough to be left in peace. Tesh, scoured the gala’s dining tables, soon locating Captain Lassiter and taking a seat in an effort to engage him. DD-0X, rejoining Q’Von after the bar stool apology began assisting in the prodigy’s efforts to acquire a copy of the guest list.

With the event well underway, and Shandra taking the podium for her address, Q’Von and DD-0X noticed the equipment for the entryway’s secure checkpoint being dismantled and the parts rolled away in anticipation of the later departure of the gala’s crowd. The pair seized on the opportunity, with Q’Von using his charms to woo a female worker near the end of the procession, and gaining access to a card secured side office for a bit of hanky panky.

Q’Von kept up his seduction charade just long enough to secure the apparently adventurous woman with mesh tape before casting her aside and using the room’s terminal access to hook up the portable computer from the equipment pack. DD-0X kept an eye on the door and the bound woman while Q’Von did his job, slicing into the network and downloading a copy of the gala’s guest list. The pair then departed the room and slipped away just as a security officer took notice of the woman’s abandoned rolling cart against the wall across the corridor.

Back at the spaceport, troops began arriving to investigate the reports of armed individuals conducting a robbery of the Imperial Mission’s cargo vessel. Sapphire sought to deceive the guards, stating himself to be a passerby and describing the fleeing missionary as the assailant who had fled the scene. Inside the vessel, Krill watched as the bay was secured and the ship surrounded. Unable to access the ship’s computer without the Captain’s access codes, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was trapped in a hostage situation that would ultimately lead to his capture.

The mercenary locked his captives into the captain’s cabin, and acquired a set of missionary regalia. He changed into the garb, and cut himself severely, laying down onto the floor in an effort to appear as a missionary who had been attacked as part of the ship takeover. DFND4 took the shipping crate of items and exited the vessel, informing the advancing troops that the criminal had gone toward the cockpit. The custom security droid then took up position alongside a set of charging stations housing cargo droids, attempting to blend into the background of the scene until the situation was over and the bay once again open.

Having re-secured the ship, and found no obvious attacker in the vicinity, the security forces began investigation operations. Sapphire Soto was transported alongside the liberated missionaries and other witnesses to a nearby security station, where all were seated in a waiting area and were told they would be interviewed individually. Krill was taken to a medical office, and placed in a bacta tank with guards at the door. Whether he was a prisoner or a protected victim was uncertain. DFND4 and Solis remained hidden in the docking bay, listening as the remaining security personnel called for a scanning crew to search the ship.

In the meantime, Tesh endeavored to make light conversation with Captain Lassiter, who spent the majority of his time silent, and only occasionally responding. It was during this activity that a tremor rippled through the force, alerting Ryon to an unseen problem. He scanned the room and noticed increased activity amongst the security personnel, who were tapping their comm links and attempting to remain subtle about having done so. Something was wrong, and whatever it was, Captain Lassiter was aware of it also, as a subordinate approached and whispered into the Captain’s ear, prompting him and his party to begin collecting their belongings to leave the event…



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