Mission Details

Your group is currently in a common area aboard a Sigma-class Long Range Shuttle, which you all know to be a lightly-armed luxury transport operated by a single pilot only. Typically this style of vessel transports diplomats, high-ranking military officers, and other affluent dignitaries who travel with an entourage of their own assistants, druids, or other servitors – and who routinely wish to be left in private. This particular shuttle is owned by Imperial Governor Tyberion Lang and was dispatched to ferry Shandra and her retinue to Ban Belos Spaceport on Rabaan. Your equipment is not with you, having already been smuggled to the planet ahead of your arrival.

Ban Belos is the capital city of the planet Rabaan, which is located in the fourth orbital position of the Ishanna System; a part of the Circarpous Sector of the Expansion Region. You know this to be deep inside the territory controlled by those Imperial forces loyal to the usurper Darth Krayt (show Map). Given its status as the capital city of the planet on which the sector’s Regional Governor resides, Ban Belos houses a massive garrison with substantial military resources at its disposal. It also contains numerous government facilities, in addition to Governor Lang’s residential estate.

Shandra will be attending a gala-style evening event at the Governor’s mansion that will officially unveil the Gyndine Project, a new Imperial Mission program dedicated to medical research and planetary terraforming. The Project’s goal is to triumph where Jedi Kol Skywalker’s Ossus Project failed, namely to heal and revive more than a hundred worlds that had been devastated during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion over a century ago, and to this day still deal with famine, ravaged Eco-systems, and vongspawn mutations.

As the Project’s creator and lead developer, Shandra will also serve as the director of operations, and is being introduced to various VIPs and members of the sector’s Imperial Brass at the event. She is both the guest of honor, certain to be on the Governor’s arm throughout the evening, and the keynote speaker, set to deliver an address to the assembly. This “spotlight role” will prohibit her from doing anything to assist your team as you work to carry out the night’s true objectives, chief among them being to isolate and “turn” (as in solicit the defection of) star destroyer captain Arlan Lassiter.

Intelligence on Lassiter suggests that he’s largely alienated from his peers, having had more than a few men under his command abandon their posts and join the ranks of the Fel Imperium. While no official blame has found its way onto his service record, informants report that Lassiter’s career is effectively at a stand-still, and being posted aboard his ship is frequently seen as a dead end assignment. Most of the brass keep him at arm’s length, out of concern that having too much contact with him might call their own reputations into question should he ever officially be deemed a collaborator.

This pariah status makes Lassiter a prime candidate to approach for defection, but it also makes him nearly impossible to access privately – as his lack of other obligations or social calendar events keeps him virtually quarantined aboard his ship, surrounded by thousands of military personnel. Tonight’s gala is the Imperium’s first real chance to separate him long enough to sell him on the idea of turning his back on those who distrust and mistreat him, and embracing the True Emperor, who would look upon him with favor, and who would not forget his service when the Empire is made whole again.

The team’s secondary objective will be to help update the Imperium’s intelligence files on the sector by identifying the gala’s attendees. At the time invitations were dispatched and information could be gathered, many were addressed to nonspecific recipients: “Planetary Administrator”, “Installation Commander” and the like. Since then, the appropriate individuals or their appointed representatives have signaled their intention to attend and will be at the event with their various bodyguards, handlers, and other “+1’s”. A copy of the guest list needs to be obtained, and these individuals matched to their respective posts of offices.

Additionally, holocam images of these sentients need to be captured, and it should be determined if they are in fact the holder of the office in question, or merely a representative. In the case of representatives, efforts should be made to learn the names of their superiors for later use. Images and information collected for this assignment should be gathered surreptitiously, or under the guise of typical behavior for an event of this sort, so as to avoid drawing undue notice from bodyguards and security personnel, or raising the suspicions of any of the targets.

The final mission objective for the evening will be a continuation of “Minister White’s” more routine work; specifically moving necessary supplies from the Imperial Mission to where members of the Fel Imperium can take possession of them. As part of the unveiling of the Gyndine Project, the Mission has assembled a large shipment of food and medical supplies that is to be shipped to the Project’s headquarters on the planet Gyndine for use and distribution to the locals. A small portion of this shipment needs to be removed from the cargo vessel and delivered to smugglers who will see it safely to the Imperium.
Mission Details

With time being of the essence, and mission objectives spread across multiple locations, Shandra’s plan calls for a three-phase operation consisting of two teams. The first team (designated “A” or alpha) will be operating inside the gala, which requires its members to dress and act appropriately – while team “B” or bravo will be operating in and around the landing pads and docking facilities of the spaceport, requiring greater mobility. Swapping of team members is possible – but will be difficult (and is thus discouraged) due to the distance between locations and the potential for necessary wardrobe changes.

Phase 1 is slated for team infiltration and equipment distribution. Team “A” will enter the gala through the secure checkpoint alongside Shandra as her entourage, bringing with them a restraining bolt and its associated caller attached to a droid team member. Once inside, they will survey the location of security personnel and surveillance holocams, in addition to timing external patrols from the estate’s eastern balcony. Any security or gala attendees present on the eastern balcony will then need to be lured away or otherwise removed in a manner that will not cause alarm or disrupt the function. With the balcony cleared, they will watch for and return the signal from team “B”.

As team “A” departs to enter the gala, team “B” will move to the appropriate docking bay and acquire the mission’s equipment package from the smuggler’s ship that brought it onto the planet. They will deliver the credit chip containing the smuggler’s payment and take possession of the equipment. With this done, they will move to the outskirts of the Governor’s estate and signal team “A” with a glow rod from the package. Using electrobinoculars (also in the package) they will observe the safe signal and cross to the building’s base. Ascension guns from the package will be used to reach the balcony, where team “A” will receive equipment necessary for phases 2 and 3.

The supplying of equipment will conclude phase 1. At this point, alpha team is inserted and fully equipped. Bravo will already be equipped and need only return to the spaceport to begin phase 2.

Note: For player reference, the equipment package will contain each PCs gear from their character sheet, as well as additional items that are intended for use on the mission. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): comlinks with hardwired encryption routines (and the necessary codes to a secure comm channel), a portable computer, two datapads, data card, a glow rod, a pair of electrobinoculars, a recording unit, a toolkit, and one pair of binders per PC.

Phase 2 is dedicated to the collection of information and materials. Inside the gala, alpha will begin by obtaining a copy of the current guest list to be compared to the previous version stored on the equipment package datapad. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, such as connecting to the local network using the portable computer and slicing, or using the toolkit and carried-in restraining bolt to capture and reprogram an interior service droid. Once the guest list has been acquired, alpha will commence documenting previously unknown gala attendees and determining how many individuals are with Captain Lassiter and who they are.

Meanwhile, bravo, having safely returned to the spaceport, must set about locating both the captain’s shuttlecraft, and the cargo ship carrying the Imperial Mission’s shipment. Again, multiple methods can be employed, though more technical options may be limited depending on what equipment was left with alpha. Security should be avoided, and the cargo vessel should be boarded in secret, with items listed on the second supplied datapad removed and delivered to the smuggler’s ship visited previously. With the cargo in friendly hands, bravo will move to Lassiter’s shuttle, and determine a means to get on board unseen, to assist in taking it over during phase 3.

The timetable for this phase will be the duration of the gala, or until Captain Lassiter begins to leave, should he do so early. Once either of those events transpire, the teams must immediately cease collection operations and get into position for the final phase.

Phase 3 concerns the night’s primary objective, soliciting the defection of Captain Arlan Lassiter. Assuming the required steps from the previous phases have been completed, the teams should be fully equipped and in position to assault the shuttle from both without and within. Alpha will leave the gala immediately following the captain, while bravo lies in wait inside the shuttle itself. The captain and his men must be taken into custody just as they are boarding the shuttle, away from any witnesses that may be in the immediate area of the spaceport.

Alienating Lassiter should be avoided at all costs, so his men must suffer no lasting harm during the apprehension process. Once the shuttle is under the group’s control, the process of turning the captain will begin, with the team highlighting the advantages of defecting, and the continued disadvantages of refusing to do so. Other methods may also be effective, and can be used, but in the end, the captain must willingly choose to defect. Assuming all goes well, OR if the group simply cannot convince Lassiter, the team is to contact “Minister White” on the secure comm channel for further instructions.

Mission Details

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