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The Star Wars universe is a truly immense backdrop to make a character against, and following the ‘changing of the guard’ that has taken place with Disney’s acquisition of the intellectual property, that backdrop has shifted, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Decades of expanded universe material went from being canon to “legacy”, with some parts reintroduced in a new form and others abandoned. New characters and stories have been created, and interwoven with the existing ones. Both the future and the past have been altered, augmented or otherwise reimagined, and new material continues to emerge as Disney takes Star Wars in its own direction. Given this situation, it’s only natural for players to wonder where exactly this campaign (and by extension their characters) will fit in the vast and changing entity that is Star Wars. Will this campaign be in line with what is, or what was? And how about what’s to come?

To answer these questions, and give players a firm grasp of what ‘is’, and what ‘is not’ canon as far as this campaign is concerned, the following material should be consulted, and will remain here for reference going forward. If after reading this page any questions remain unanswered, players can get clarification from the GM.

For the sake of digestibility, this material is broken into sections.

Era of Play:
This campaign takes place in what is known as the Legacy Era, which is a time period that was the setting for the Star Wars: Legacy comic book series that was released by Dark Horse comics. It takes place roughly 137 years after the Battle of Yavin (ie, when Luke Skywalker blew up the first Death Star in Episode IV, A New Hope). Every character seen in both the original trilogy (episodes IV – VI), and the prequel trilogy (episodes I – III) is long dead, but their various legacies live on through their descendants. As this era was created prior to Disney taking over the reigns of Star Wars, it uses the “legacy” expanded universe.

This means that the newest movie trilogy (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the yet to be named episode IX) never happened. The new characters that were introduced (Rey, Finn, Poe, etc…) never existed and the existing characters (Han, Leia, Luke, etc…) were off doing other things. Events, places and organizations that were depicted either didn’t exist (The First Order, Starkiller Base, etc..), or did other things (the Rebellion). In short, episodes VII – IX should be disregarded for purposes of this campaign. Players unfamiliar with the expanded universe material need not worry about missing key details, as the Legacy Era is far enough forward in the time line that the specifics of what was going on during the years the films cover is largely unimportant.

The above also holds true for Disney’s standalone movies (Rogue One, Han Solo, etc…) where events shown on screen aren’t what “actually” happened in terms of this campaign, but that ultimately the exact details aren’t necessary to know and shouldn’t come up during the course of play. Should a player choose to create a distant descendant of someone from the movies, the amount of necessary knowledge might be more, but this will be determined on an individual basis (rules surrounding playing such a character and how it can factor into that character’s Destiny are outlined on page 19 of the Legacy Era Campaign Guide).

State of the Galaxy:
The galaxy is once again embroiled in war, mired in a conflict that shows no sign of slowing down or coming to an end any time soon. Three central powers struggle for dominance, with none of them in a position to prevail over the other two; and no two sides willing to trust one another enough to create an alliance that could break the stalemate. Each sees themselves as the rightful rulers of the galaxy, and to an extent, each is correct. In brief, the factions are as follows:

  • The Fel Imperium
    Also known as The True Empire, or The Empire-in-Exile, the Imperium is ruled by “The True Emperor” Roan Fel from his base of power on the fortress world of Bastion. Originally the reigning Emperor, Fel was targeted for assassination by the Sith as part of their coup and was forced to flee, leaving a body double in his place. Those Imperial forces who remained loyal to him took up the fight to regain control from the usurper, which effectively split the Empire in two.
  • The Empire
    Sometimes referred to as The Sith Empire or Krayt’s Empire, the Empire is ruled by the Sith lord Darth Krayt from the Imperial seat on Coruscant. It is comprised of those imperials who place their loyalty to the throne over the man who used to sit upon it. As far as they are concerned, Roan Fel’s reign ended the moment the Council of Moffs swore fealty to Darth Krayt in the throneroom following the assassination attempt.
  • The Galactic Alliance
    The last remnant of the previous government, the Galactic Alliance Core fleet is commanded by Admiral Gar Stazi and lacks a central base of power. It is made up of those ships who followed Stazi when he refused to surrender to the Empire as ordered at the battle of Caamas, and instead fled into hyperspace to continue the fight another day. The fleet struggles both to bring about the return of democracy and freedom, and to keep from becoming little more than pirates raiding for supplies.

Status of the Jedi:
Similar to the situation first seen in the original trilogy of movies (episodes IV – VI), the Jedi order has been devastated, and what Jedi remain have been forced into hiding. After the Galactic Alliance’s surrender to the Empire at Caamas, the Sith orchestrated a joint Sith/Imperial attack against the Jedi temple on Coruscant and the Jedi Academy on Ossus – against the orders of Emperor Fel. Many Jedi were killed, and the Sith then attempted to assassinate the Emperor and take over the Empire before anyone could move against them.

Rumors circulate of a hidden temple where the Jedi are regrouping, and perhaps rebuilding, but no one can verify these claims for certain. If it does exist, the temple has done nothing visible to stand against the dark side wrecking havoc on the galaxy, or to help the Jedi’s former allies in the Galactic Alliance fleet. What is for sure is that the Sith are hunting those Jedi who escaped the purge, and have offered exorbitant bounties to any who slay or capture one.

Character Related Material:
As part of the story for the campaign, every player’s character will begin play working to further the goals of Roan Fel’s Empire-in-Exile by going undercover deep inside the heart of enemy territory with little or no backup, and almost no chance of rescue should they be captured. These starting level characters haven’t even been told the overall objective of their mission yet, just in case the worst should happen. They are embarking on this dangerous assignment as part of a war effort, and could very well end up imprisoned, tortured for information, maimed or even killed. Dedication in the face of such potential outcomes (and with limited resources) speaks to serious motivation behind that character, driving them forward.

Playing such a character requires a clear picture in the mind’s eye of what made them join the fight, and who or what they are fighting for. No one merely hears “a voice say Hilg” and undertakes a mission like this one. They are doing it because they believe in something, or their situation has left them no viable alternative, or perhaps they feel that they must do it in order to achieve something else. Whatever the reasoning is, the player needs to understand it fully if they wish to convincingly portray that character. At a minimum, each player should be able to answer the following questions about the motivations of their character (players of droid characters can answer or skip these initial questions, but must answer the “for droid” questions below):

  • Your character is fighting for the return to power of Roan Fel, who overthrew the Galactic Alliance by force (which stood for more than 100 years), and was then exiled following a coup carried out by the Sith. Why does your character support him?, or why does your character feel he is the galaxy’s best option for leadership?
  • Your character is going undercover inside the Sith Empire as part of a cell of operatives on a long term mission that is (apparently) so dangerous that your leaders haven’t even told you what the final objective is yet, just in case you are captured too early in the process. Why is your character willing to go on such a mission? What are they hoping to achieve? or prevent?
  • Your character knows that the undercover mission involves being a part of an aid group that provides research and medical assistance to worlds that have been ravaged by disease or destruction. How will your character use their skills to “sell” their cover story and blend in with such an organization if scrutinized?
  • Your character’s mission required that they leave behind their friends, family and other loved ones for an extended period of time (assuming that they aren’t captured or killed, in which case they likely will never see those people again) without being able to tell them anything. What does your character do or tell themselves to cope with this fact? What (if anything) did they do with those individuals before shipping out? Did your character in fact keep silent as they were instructed to?

For Droid Characters:

  • As a droid, your character is the property of another sentient being, and is subject to their orders, regardless of whether your programming has determined that as being favorable or unfavorable. Who is your master? and how has their treatment of you been? How did they come about owning you?
  • As a droid, your character was designed and manufactured around the idea of carrying out a specific task or set of specific tasks. What sort of droid are you? were your previous duties in line with your design? is this current mission in line with your design?
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Campaign Starting Information

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