Tag: Human


  • Darth Krayt

    Leader of the Sith, and current Emperor of the Empire. Acquired the throne by deposing [[:roan-fel]] and forcing the Council of Moffs to swear fealty to him.

  • Roan Fel

    The leader of the [[Imperial Knights]], Roan is also the Emperor of the Fel Imperium (Empire-in-Exile), and the "True Emperor" of the Empire. He was the third Emperor of the Fel Dynasty to sit upon the Imperial Throne until being deposed by the Sith lord …

  • Konrad Rus

    Konrad Rus currently heads the Imperial Mission. Outwardly, he is a quiet man of peace, but he has to be politically adept in the face of hardliners among the Moffs who prefer to wage war to expand the Empire. Following the take-over of the Empire by the …

  • Tyberion Lang

    Regional Govenor of the Circarpous Sector of the Expansion Region. Hosted the coming out gala for [[:shandra-otara]] and the [[Gyndine Project]] at his residential estate in Ban Belos on Rabaan

  • Shandra Otara

    A Fel Loyalist who remained inside the Imperial Mission following the takeover of the Empire by the Sith. Began routing aid and supplies to the Imperium, eventually taking on the code name "Minister White". Creator and lead developer of the [[Gyndine …

  • Arlan Lassiter

    Captain of the Star Destroyer Challenger. Kept at arm's length by most other ranking Imperials due to the large number of men under his command who defected to the Fel Imperium. Targeted for defection solicitation by [[:shandra-otara]].

  • Sapphire Soto

    Sapphire made his name and career as a luxury transport for high end dignitaries. His side business was smuggling people for the Empire. They paid handsomely and when his wife died, he passed on his ship The Golden Lion to his son Granitte. More …

  • The Warden

    Given the code name "fancy pants" by [[:sapphire-soto|Sapphire]] and the revolution.