DANgerous Star Wars 2

Episode 31
End Game!

As the Imperial Remnant and the Galactic Alliance retake territory and press towards the Core Worlds, Admiral Arlan Lassiter reports in about an emergency message coming from the newly captured Gyndine system. The Sunsetter Knights, summoned by Minister of Intelligence, Hogrum Chalk, are asked to investigate their old haunt.

Slipping past the failing planetary shields, they land in a borrowed battle-tank with as much military support as they can pack inside — ready for trouble. The planet is overwhelmed by a Vong spore infection gone wild, and huge, mutant creatures roam freely, terrorizing the few, ailing survivors. Q and a small strike team bypass the outer gates thanks to Oro’s power droids and enter the abandoned laboratory.

Inside, they search for clues, fighting off Vongspawn Mutants and descending, level by level, seeing the ruins of the place they once called home. Finding a lone survivor trapped in a room and surrounded by creatures, they come up with an explosive plan. A cluster of bombs is snuck into an adjacent room, detonated to draw the creatures close, and followed up with a volley from Sapphire Soto who is manning the tank guns just outside the window. All too easy.

Finally free after weeks of surviving, Major Lin Mendalson emerges to tell the tale of a planet abandoned by its Sith caretakers and a massacre born of negligence. With his health quickly failing, Dox, Rend Vando, and the team come together to perform a medical miracle and purge the infection from their only remaining ally from their time on Gyndine. Secure and safe in the tank’s airlock, they leave their moustached friend to continue the search.

Deep below the lab, they find a secret chamber, grown with Vong-tech into the very bedrock — a secret facility more alchemical than scientific, more for torture than for learning. There, they discover the mastermind behind the “Omega Red” virus, Darth Maladi, and two samples left behind in her escape from the dying world. From her research archives, they learn that the mystical substance within can kill all life on a world in a matter of breaths!

Back on Bastion, Roan Fel, the One True Emperor, contemplates the final push to Coruscant, and his own destiny. Chalk is convinced that the “Omega Red” guarantees victory over the Sith, but Fel is not so certain and leaves the fate of the Galaxy up to his Knights. Will they risk failure in the final battle to stay true to the Light Side, or will they use the virus to kill one trillion sentients in order to save countless more. Knowing each other’s weaknesses, Solis Javliin and Oro both conspire to steal the vials from one another, leaving fakes behind. Unaware of the thefts, the rest of the Sunsetter Knights plan their end game.

On Coruscant, heart of the Galaxy, the spies slip into their final disguises — only victory or death awaits. The Sith government have called together all allies for a great gathering, and the heroes plan their attack for the opening ceremony. Safehouses and caches of supplies are arranged, information gathered, and rumors spread. Their deadly weapon is injected into the fire-suppression system, and aerosol canisters are prepared. All seems in order, but just as the elite begin to gather upon the gardened plaza, several notables appear and threaten to end the gambit — ISB agents Bora Sair and Galen Thune search the crowd for familiar faces, as do old enemies Darth Veklor and The Warden. But the operatives remain covert just long enough for them to do what they do best — chaos.

Emperor Darth Krayt, flanked by his two greatest death-dealers, Darth Nihl and Darth Maladi, appears on the balcony above the gathered crowds. He gives a malice-filled speech on destiny and condemns those who would oppose his dark vision. As he speaks, the Sunsetter Knights release a canister of deadly toxins into the crowd and wait. Tesh Ryon, suddenly spying a familiar face, recognizes with horror that his own mother is in the crowd! He sprints towards Nita Ryon just as the sprinkler systems erupt in a lethal spray. He pushes her aside just in time.

True to their nature, the Sunsetters begin dealing death upon their foes. The weak die instantly, and the apprentices of the Sith fare little better, dropping dead as they run toward the enemy in their midst. But Krayt and his Dark Lord and Lady only laugh. “Fools!,” he proclaims. “Did you think we would not make ourselves immune to ‘Omega Red?’ It was a trap, left for you and your pathetic Emperor to find so that he might be tempted to use it on us. And now he has! But he only slays the weak! Now, he will turn to the Dark Side and be under my power!”

But as the Sunsetters battle on with saber, blaster, words, and wills, the Sith begins to realize that he has been the fool. For the spy team did not use “Omega Red” at all. Instead, they infected the crowd with Vong spores and then used an altered “Final Protocol” in the water to target only those with the illness!

Caught in a trap of their own making, Krayt, Nihl and Maladi begin to succumb to the combination of weaponized virus and relentless attack, dying one after another. Finally, his destiny denied to him, Krayt falls to Govon Inkari’s sniper rifle. The lightsaber of an Imperial Knight removes his head.


Unable to function without the iron-fisted rule of it’s leader, The One Sith begins to fall apart, galaxy-wide. Thousands of systems turn away upon hearing the news, finally able to admit that only fear held them at bay. And though peace seems imminent, one final tragedy awaits. Upon the “Jagged Fel,” Roan Fel’s flagship, one of the samples of “Omega Red” is released, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not, killing all aboard.

With a heavy but wise heart, Princess Marasiah Fel convenes a Triumvirate government as it was before the war began, ruling alongside Admiral Gar Stazi and Jedi Master K’Kruhk. And the Sunsetter Knights go down in history as the most wanted heroes in the galaxy.

Episode 30

The Sunsetter Knights, having proven themselves as the most capable mercenary force in the Galaxy, are contacted by an agent of the Hutts to hunt down Vul Isen, butcher of Dac and poisoner of a dozen water worlds. On Nal Hutta, homeworld and stronghold of the Atirue clan, they are challenged by a test of skill — a sealed chamber packed full of combat droids. Slicing and sniping their way through the death-trap, they break through a heavy war droid’s military defenses and a huge blast door to confront Vedo Anjiliac Atirue — head of the Crime Family and potential employer.

Rend introduces himself by shooting a blaster bolt into the shield-wall protecting the devious Hutt, but manages to secure a high fee for a job they were going to do anyway. Vedo throws in a pair of experimental shield boosters to return the favor owed by his nephew, the late Azzim.

The Hutt reveals that Admiral Gar Stazi’s battered fleet is being repaired in the subterranean ocean below Utapau and that he has passed this information on to the Sith, knowing that Vul Isen will be unable to resist the bait.

Rushing to the sinkhole-covered world, the Knights begin to gather intelligence in Pau City, instructing Port Administrator Tion Medon that evacuations must begin. Discovering the local zoo has had recent thefts and several people have gone missing — Solis cons his way past a city guard to find footage of Sith Apprentices disguised as water merchants. Tracking the bogus laboreres to a residential zone, they uncover a house of horrors — the laboratory of Vul Isen, himself. Having just completed the adjustments to the “Final Protocol” virus, he flees — trusting to Darth Azard, Lord of the Sith, to guard his escape.

Q and Oro rig a string of grenades together to suck all the air out of the room before Rend and Soto start peppering the Sith full of holes. Tesh, Q, and Oro all focus their Force powers on the red-faced murderer as the snipers whittle down his powerful defenses. Finally, as the monster falls and Vul Isen is revealed, standing at the precipice of a sinkhole and ready to drop his world-killer — Soto calls out for Oro to disarm him and the armored Mon Cal reaches across the distance with his will, plucking “Final Protocol” from the Givin’s genocidal clutches.

As he screams in maddened rage, Rend Vando fulfills the contract, knocking him off the cliff with a single, perfect shot. Utapau and the Galactic Alliance are saved.

Episode 29

Knighted with honor by The Emperor and The Princess, the Sunsetter spies are called to leave the unsteady safety of Bastion and tour the front lines of an expanding war. For several weeks, they spread anti-Sith propoganda and raise morale among the Loyalist troops as heroes of a just cause. But when an opportunity arises to spread the chaos for which they are so well known, they descend upon the war-torn jungle world of Twon Ketee.

Finding their side’s general out of action, the contest a stalemate, and the head of Krayt’s armies on-site, the group mounts a risky expedition to find the V.I.P. High Moff Geist — a political powerhouse and tactical genius — is the target.

Seeding the toxic battlefields with false rumors and fast-action ambushes, they triangulate the origin of enemy orders. They plan “Operation: Hail Mary” — a full-out ground assault intended to pull as many of Geist’s troopers away from his side so the Sunsetter Knights can slip behind enemy lines and pinpoint his whereabouts.

After slogging through the vile swamps and jungles, they make their approach, but accidentally set off a proximity alarm. Swarmed by stormtroopers from the riverbank, the group attacks, eliminating several squads with little effort. But the Moff’s river convoy moves fast, and the team must steal patrol boats to close the gap.

Stealthily, they find a hole in the defenses of the aft transport vessel — a pair of troopers on a meal-break. Exploiting this tiny chance, the group boards and picks a deadly fight — turning the ship’s gun-turrets against them and knocking defenders off, one by one.

Listening in on a dead trooper’s comm, they learn that three deadly Rathtars are being kept in the hold. Releasing them results in pandemonium, and they have to dodge the voracious eating machines. But the madness disrupts the defenders and draws Geist top-side, where a brilliant sniper/saber/medic combo (not to mention some quick reflexes on the part of the patrol boat’s pilot) renders the Moff unconscious and a prisoner of war! The Knights withdraw to the sounds of screaming and an exploding command ship.

Episode 28

Returning from Princess Marasiah Fel’s rescue mission in the Korriban system, the group learns about the many secret projects the Sith have in store from a cybernetically altered Zarli Jansen. Among them, Project “Vengeance.” Upon their return to Bastion, a grateful Emperor is about to reward them with Knighthood when suddenly — an explosion in the castle!

The Imperial Family is rushed to a secure bunker while Master Hogrum Chalk, half-buried by debris, asks the spies to find the bomber and protect their lord.

Spreading out into the city, they find destruction and chaos. Govon and Oro search the crater for scraps of the ruined bomb, piecing together clues that lead to an inescapable conclusion. Project “Vengeance” is a hyperdrive missile — and it can penetrate the many defensive layers of the most secure planet in the Galaxy!

Another explosion — again remarkably close to the Emperor and his daughter — suggests tracking by a foe on the surface. When Shandra Otara is nearly killed trying to shut down the Municipal Comm Tower, Solis realizes the spotters might be targetting from very high points in the city. An airstrike on Precipice Tower is ordered, and the Umbarran spymaster discovers two holo-cloaked Sith atop the Obelisk at the Imperial Tombs. He slips close enough to tie a cord around their ankles, then sends them flying with the help of an airspeeder. Another Sith, Darth Helmm, nearly kills Solis by choking him from a distance, but an airstrike ends the duel.

Another missile destroys the Academy.

Q and Zarli re-tool the “Divine Wind” virus into “Return to Sender” — an anti-droid missile deflector. Projecting it from every ship in orbit, they just manage to thwart the fourth Vengeance missile before it strikes the Emperor’s bunker blelow an old Moff Palace.

Tracking the threat to its source, Soto leads a borrowed starfighter assault with Oro upon the stealthy “Decimator,” commanded by old enemy Kiefer Bishto and outfitted with an accelerator hyper-missile launcher. Too quick to be engaged by TIE’s, the two pilots set their sights on the super-weapon, hitting it until the powering rings seize up. When Bishto tries to launch his next Vengeance missile, it destroys him instead. The heroes speed away from the explosion and the sister ship “Liquidator” retreats.

Episode 27

The Imperial Princess, Marasiah Fel, has been captured and taken to the Korriban system — homeworld of the Sith. A distraught Emperor tasks his Knights and Spies to bring her home if they can or end her life if they cannot. Antares Draco, first among the Imperial Knights, asks the team to help him get to “The Rock,” a secret Sith prison, to save the love of his life, as Solis later discovers. Many volunteer for the dangerous mission. Soto brings them all.

“The Rock” is a massive asteroid protected by the dark miasma of Korriban, retro-rocket powered meteors, hundreds of troops, dozens of Sith warriors, and a powerful Inquisitor known only as Darth Havok. Only an hour away from unstoppable reinforcements from the planet, the lone shuttle of infiltrators comes up with a plan that relies on improvisation.

Jedi Master Shado Vao and Imperial Knights Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare volunteer to pose as prisoners, as does a reluctant Govon Inkari. The group disguise themselves as recently fallen Sith and their bounty-hunter allies, and begin to worm their way inside the prison from different angles.

Solis and Oro pose as Darth Churl and Darth Anymus, lying and intimidating their way deeper into the stronghold. Q, Rend, and Soto divert the guards in processing just long enough to steal a prisoner list and learn the layout. Q discovers his old academy rival Zarli Jansen in a low-security area and changes Govon’s cell assignment to find her. Tesh stays aboard the shuttle, clad in the fur of Darth Wayl, a Wookiee, guarding the rest of the Knights in hiding.

One-by-one, the team bypasses each layer of defense, luring officers into a false confidence, intimidating Sith apprentices to submit, stealing code cylinders, and slicing systems. Two creatures stand in their path: Darth Havok, Master Inquisitor and torturer of the Princess, and The Warden, Kazic Xarovit, who Solis questions face-to-face in a bold attempt to manipulate him.

The team plots a three-pronged strike centered around a fight planned for the following night. As the time approches, the rescuers arrive at the Chambers of Inquisition with new “captive” Antares Draco. But as they descent the steps, a trap is revealed. Darth Havok is Draco’s former master, Eshkar Niin who sensed the Knight’s anger when he arrived. But Oro cuts him off from his Dark Side Powers and thwarts the ambush.

Alarms blare as the three-way battle ensues. Govon and Rend save Zarli Jansen, blind from her cybernetic implants, and wisk her down a corridor of closing blast doors. Soto races to the ship, blasting troopers out of existence as Azlyn Rae and Ganner Krieg defend the boarding ramp. Solis slips through the Sith guards with a lie and takes one of their lightsabers, striking down one to clear the escape route. Oro and Q face down Havok, cutting through his weakness and leaving him lying on the floor. Draco and Princess Marasiah finish him, together.

Flying repulsor carts hurtle the team past enraged guards and onto the waiting ship. Q’s computer skills keep The Warden’s system in chaos, but Sinde, Dare, and Vao are still inside.

Soto flies past the swarm of TIE’s and colliding asteroids outside the station to get to the other docking bay, where they just manage a second rescue and a quick escape in the midst of howling Sith, sabotaged sabers, and The Warden, shouting curses over the comm as his prison smolders.

Episode 26
Snipe Hunt!

Emperor Roan Fel wishes to use the tragic death of the water planet DAC to sway shocked allies to his side — but to do so, he must meet them in person. Hogrum Chalk gives the group twenty days to set up security on the rural world of Agamar and a wealth of resources to protect their Emperor.

They work quickly; buying up black market materiel, digging for rumors, and spreading lies with Shandra Otara on The Wheel. On Agamar, they set up a honeytrap in the city while the real meeting place is a simple farm on a hill, specially selected for its many means of defense. As the list comes in, they realize what they face — a small horde of high-priced assassins, all headed straight for them.

Using the hidden funds handed over by the rescued P.O.W. Borbol Aub, they buy off the contracts of the greatest threats — poison-powered femme fatale “Deathadder” and elite Mandalorian bounty hunter Braas Anuk. They discover the Witch of Dathomir, “Bloodmare”, after she starts her killing spree early. Surrounding her in the house of her victims, she is overwhelmed with firepower and silenced forever.

Two out-of-place aliens arrive next and try to recruit local thugs and dissidents, but the team smashes through the door. Govon and Rend blast “Anarch” Akk at point blank range while “Anarch” Mirr is tricked by Solis’s lies into handing over his thermal detonators as he tries to flee. And without even breaking a sweat, the mad bombers of Anarch Inc. are gone.

A dropship pod containing the overpowered droid soldiers known as “Meatmarket” arrives next, but Oro obliterates them when they fall into the honeytrap. The few that escape the “Death House” and its quarter-million credits worth of droid-killing tech try to fight the darksider, but he only leads them into more ion traps. They flee, defeated.

The final three groups strike in tandem — the “Gyrodians”: suped-up space aces with lightning-fast starfighters and a secret tractor beam maneuver… that stands no chance against Sapphire Soto’s flying skills and Govon’s guns. The “Bankshot Brothers”, a stealthy squad of combat snipers are repulsed again and again by Rend Vando’s sharpshooting and a few flyby’s from Soto. If any survive the onslaught, they stay hidden. And finally, Q contends with “Shadowcap”, a master slicer who tries to hijack everything with a circuit board. But a blast of “Divine Wind” sends his caravan of landspeeders towards another target and a well-timed combination of virtual machine and remote detonation ends his access to Agamar for good.

The day and The Emperor are saved — but not the real Emperor, for they discover later that their asset was a body-double, and Roan Fel was on the other side of the planet, running both this conference and another with the last of the Jedi. But a Sith strike-force saw through the ruse and managed to kidnap Fel’s daughter, the Princess Marasiah. Her fate, and the future, hang in the balance.

Episode 25

Having discovered Vul Isen’s supervirus, “Final Protocol,” the team races toward the Mon Calamari homeworld — the water planet DAC — once more. They enlist the help of an elite squad of Imperial Knights led by Ganner Krieg and their first recruit, Captain Arlan Lassiter, who commands the now-loyalist crew of the Star Destroyer “Challenger.”

They arrive upon a scene of despair. Krayt’s forces are withdrawing, leaving a ruin in their wake. Cities burn on the surface and the imprisoned slaves are left to starve to death beneath the waves. True to his pledge, Lassiter gets the two teams into orbit, and from there, they talk their way through security, using the chaos and a fabricated corporation called Halo Dusk to hide their true intent.

At the safehouse in Seafall City, they find another ally — Choldo Re — who smuggled himself on site weeks before in a desperate move to find the last of his family. Krieg’s strike team dons Seatrooper armor and departs to hunt down the Sith scientist, and the spies begin “Operation: Shattered Glass.”

Five intelligence operatives are trapped somewhere below the seas of DAC, and the investigation reveals dozens of possible P.O.W. camps. Though Choldo has gathered the beginnings of a thread, its up to the team to sift through the data, reach out for what little information is left, and narrow the search. Before long, they find a target, and con a submarine out of Imperial hands.

The Heritage Cave Museum — a barricaded tomb of dead civilians, starved into extinction. But within the mesa cliff, a cave trapped with automated laser turrets. Boldly, Govon belly-crawls across the killing ground with only a camouflaged wall-panel to shield him. But when the scanners start to light up his hiding place, the team hurls an explosive at one turret, obliterating it and clearing the way. Q locks the other turrets in place with a miraculous feat of mechanical engineering and they discover four of their five assets within — weak and grateful.

Spotting an implanted bug in the neck of ex-finance minister Borbol Aub, Rend offers to try a surgical extraction rather than see him sacrifice himself for the group’s safety. During the procedure, a team of fast-moving Seatroopers speeds to intercept after being alerted by the turret’s destruction. But some quick piloting and a secret space-folding technique by Soto and Q hides them from danger. They flee, and return to the safehouse.

But Ganner Krieg’s mission has not averted the greater disaster. The supervirus is loose. DAC is dying. A mad scramble to the last of the shuttles ensues, and order crumbles as the news breaks. At the last moment, the group spots their fifth asset in the crowd and use jetpacks to get him on board. They save seventy-five. Out of a world of 27-billion. And Vul Isen seeks his next target.

Episode 24

A great naval battle is about to take place, and the spies are ordered to use it as cover for “Operation Backstab” — a covert investigation of a hidden laboratory. Instigated by Minister White — the ever persistant Shandra Otara — the party finds themselves en route to Ralltiir and a black sky filled with warring battleships.

As all three factions of the Second Imperal Civil War vie for control of space, a small shuttle slips unnoticed to the wind-swept surface of Moon 13, the frozen wasteland seemingly uninhabited. But, below the surface of an old meteoric crater, they soon discover a well-hidden base.

Cautiously, they enter to reveal a dark and abandoned science facility, left empty for weeks. Clues arise as they descend — housing and working space for hundreds. Labs and storage for biological materials. A hospital-prison wing, with evidence of foul experiments on living creatures. And a terrible trophy chamber of mutated natives of the water world DAC.

In the sub-basements, more horrors await. A troop of Ralltiir tigers attack, having broken in through the ventillation shafts searching for food. But the team fights them off to continue the mission. At the lower-most level, the investigators discover a laser-drilled pit through the ice-crust and into Moon 13’s inner ocean… where hundreds of floating corpses lie — slain by the super virus known as “Final Protocol.” Data stripped from the computers reveal its inventor — Vul Isen, a Sith scientist and merciless, mass-murdere. His target — DAC — an enslaved world of 30 billion sentients. And although the battle above ends in a Pyrrhic victory, the true war has yet to begin.

Episode 23

The Loyalist spies prepare to leave the moon, Napdu, and the luxurious Maya Armus resort with a pair of captured Bothan information brokers and the “Divine Wind” — a powerful military computer virus that can crash entire wings of starfighters with a single press of a switch. But while packing up their gear, two Sith Star Destroyers suddenly appear, blocking out the sun and filling the skies with the screech of TIE fighters.

A troop of black-armored Knighthunters deploy on the surface, led by four cloaked Sith! Trained to hunt and destroy Jedi, the spy team must quickly adapt to hide their presence, both visible and intangible. As the Sith begin their search, probing the rooms, shuttles, and even the minds of the guests, the spies make plans on how to escape. But as time slips away, so do their chances of remaining undiscovered.

Aboard their new shuttle, Q uses Jeenus Con’s custom computer setup to analyze “Divine Wind,” realizing quickly that it was built, in part, by an unwilling prisoner — Zarli Jansen — a former rival and fellow student thought lost when Emperor Fel was outcast years ago. But, realizing the virus’s potential, the party plans to use it to sew chaos in the hopes of slipping past the swarming TIE’s.

As the rich industrialist Hausen Svite discovers when he attempts to leave the docking pad without permission — the Knighthunters show no mercy. His shuttle is destroyed at the water’s edge, and Q tries the virus, only to realize too late that the enemy has already made their own ships immune to the stolen code.

Thinking quickly, the team flicks a datapad containing a copy of “Divine Wind” into the debris and the Knighthunters discover it — assuming Svite was Jeenus Con. But the Sith aren’t satisfied with only one death. They seek the Force user they sensed upon arrival, and vote to bombard the moon into a lifeless waste from orbit.

Surprising all, the Hutt Azzim, owner of the resort, has a servant on a nearby island activate what appears to be a blue lightsaber from a distance, drawing the Sith’s attention. And as they speed away, the Hutt fleet of old pirate ships appears from hyperspace to chase off Krayt’s Imperials.

The party finally escapes the moon and warns headquarters, just in time — for a great battle is about to begin.

Episode 22

The strange, hexagonal box retrieved from the irradiated ruin of “The Intruder” proves, after some clever investigation, to be a sophisticated encryption device known as a Puzzlebox — a powerful communication tool used by members of The One Sith. The spies glean much from its inner workings, including a list of code-words — “Divine Wind,” “Vengeance,” “Alpha Red” — and the last mission of it’s previous owner, Darth Ire.

Reporting in via holography, the team faces the leader of the Galactic Alliance, Admiral Gar Stazi, who judges their efforts and their potential camaraderie, worthy of his attention. Stazi and Master Hogrum Chalk agree — the assassin’s failure to arrive at her intended destination might be the opening both factions need to finally gain some advantage over The Sith Empire. Weyley is given a field promotion to Commander and ordered to assist the spies as they follow up on Ire’s target — Jeenus Con.

On Napdu, fourth moon of Da Soocha in Hutt-controlled space, the allies enjoy a brief respite at the elite spa and hotel Maya Armus — a luxurious temple to hedonism run by Azzim Anjiliac Atirue. There, they slip into the roles of wealthy patrons and bodyguards while they search for rumors and clues.

Tesh and his armored guard Oro strike several potential candidates from the list during a seven-course dinner where Baron Byer Feend tries to lure them and two other guests — Industrialist Hausen Svite and the newly-rich mercenary “Surefire” Sulla — into an investment scheme that profits only the clothes-hound himself. Meanwhile, Solis, disguised as a busser, looks into the beautiful “Dez” Dezpara’s identity, only to discover that she is simply a playgirl with a taste for the new and exciting rich arrivals.

When hijacked droids begin dropping cryptic notes, the group makes contact with the enigmatic Jeenus Con, who seems keen on giving a demonstration of “Divine Wind” before the sale. The following day, he does so by causing all but one of the aerial sky-racers to crash dramatically into the referee barge. Soto nearly meets the same fate despite his exceptional piloting skill, but is saved at the very last instant by the increasing Force abilities of Tesh who stops the hurtling air-speeder mid-fall with a single gesture.

Rend and Govon, ever watchful, spot a single Bothan woman amidst the chaos that seems far too nonchalant, and converge on her. The team manages to slow her down with a blaster bolt and tag her clothing with a homing device before she slips away in the panic.

Renting a sightseeing ship, they sail into the violet sea and approach a mysterious yacht — the base of operations for their target. Govon and Solis swim aboard undetected to take the occupants by surprise. At the signal, Rend begins sniping the bodyguard droids on deck while they are distracted by flares. Once Soto brings the two vessels together, Tesh and Oro make quick work of the overwhelmed guards.

Down below, Govon takes the woman, Mim, prisoner and retrieves the disk containing “Divine Wind” while Solis traps Jeenus Con, a.k.a. Maxa Kon’nit, in the engine compartment. Upon confronting him with the notion that the Hutts will not be pleased at being left out of the deal, Con surrenders and offers to reveal the truth. But will it be enough to stave off a looming disaster?


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