DANgerous Star Wars 2

Session 4 Log
Newly settled into the Gyndine Project Research Facility – known prior to the start of the Imperial occupation as the Yractos Public Medical Center – the Party commenced work on the first phase of their mission to set up shop: seeking to map out the facility’s sensor and holocam coverage, install and configure remote taps into the building’s security network, and determine an approximate troop count and disposition for both the facility itself and the areas of the base immediately outside of it – all without drawing any undue suspicion in the process of course.

Given only one week’s time to accomplish these tasks before they would be forced to travel to Dac and return with the “key researchers”, the Group divided its resources, with each member using their respective cover job title to work individually in different areas of the facility and its surrounding environs. Being assistants to the director of operations for the Project, the Party’s code cylinders allowed them to move throughout the facility, save for the uppermost level, which had been taken over by building security.

As the head of transportation, Sapphire requisitioned a speeder bus and began ferrying Gyndine workers to and from the facility, learning that in the aftermath of the occupation the Empire had emptied out large portions of Yractos, regulating the local populace into a small handful of tightly controlled and severely overcrowded districts. He also made polite small talk to various checkpoint guards, taking mental note of any mention of Imperial forces or patrols made in passing. Additionally, the bus route also allowed the smuggler to keep in contact with Tendoora Veran and the resistance movement – who had done some information gathering of their own.

DFND4 used his status as a mere “Maintenance Droid” to move about the facility, assessing damage resulting from the recent forceful takeover of the medical center, and making what small repairs he could when being observed. Internally, the security droid updated a growing file on sensor and holocam locations, guard positions and patrol routes, and the current usage of wards and wings as compared to the original floor plans given the loss of the uppermost level and the facility’s new dual purpose of both medical center and research facility.

Being a medical droid in a medical facility, DD-0X virtually disappeared into the background, using a concealed audio recording device to monitor nearby discussions while working on various injuries or exams. Though most of the patients were the result of simple workplace accidents, the occasional wounded soldier or captured resistance fighter highlighted the slow but steady nature of the conflict, and offered up opportunity to garner details from outside the facility itself.

Tesh took advantage of his “Consultant” job title, coordinating with various work crew supervisors and staying informed on the repairs, changes and additions being made around the building. This ploy allowed him to move along with the workers, blending in as he made subtle changes to work orders in an effort to create small blind spots in the automated security coverage – under the guise of keeping everyone on the same page.

Solis took a more sentient-oriented approach, leveraging his post of ration and supply officer to work in the soldiers’ chow line during the various meal shifts of the day. This enabled him to make friendly conversation and gain favor with specific guards in the form of extra rations and other harmless contraband. The position also permitted him to find a target for the next phase of his plan – an attractive female facility employee about which to engage in a little locker room talk with his new friends.

With the scout’s guidance and encouragement over the ensuing days, the lewd but innocent banter soon became plans to use the repair work to covertly install a hidden and precisely aimed holocam for a bit of pleasure viewing at the comely woman’s expense; and as luck would have it, Solis knew just the tech to bring in on the job. With help from Bek Sisk, the soldier most dedicated to the perverse plot, Q’Von and Solis installed the hidden camera, and were then secreted to the security-only level to attach the feed to the upstairs monitors.

Q’Von worked quickly while Solis kept Sisk occupied, hooking up not only the feed from the unauthorized hidden camera, but also the remote taps that would send the security center’s stream of camera and sensor feeds to the portable computer located in Shandra’s administration office. With this done, the pair left Sisk to his viewing, knowing that they had some viewing of their own to do over the remaining days before the week was gone.

Now having access to the entire security network inside the facility, the Group turned its attention outward, with Sapphire bringing Solis and Tesh along for the speeder bus trips to and from the worker districts. A few minor detours allowed the trio to more thoroughly gauge the size of the base, and combine their data with information supplied by the resistance movement to arrive at a well-informed estimate regarding the number of stationed troops, and the equipment available to them.

By the week’s end, all of the mission objectives had been met, and the time had come for the Group to depart for Dac to transport the “key researchers” to the facility. All that was required was a shuttle craft for the trip, which turned out to be a sticking point for the base commander Major Dural – who initially refused to permit non-military personnel from operating any of his ships or vehicles, and relented only when faced with the prospect of being reported to the Project’s Sith overseer Mastigar.

Despite his authorization for the Party to use the shuttle, Dural insisted on his own techs being aboard, to ensure that the vessel remained undamaged and in top shape. Sapphire ignored the Major’s obvious slight, and instead turned the mandated oversight into an opportunity, making friendly inroads with the techs during the hyperspace flight to the watery homeworld of the Mon Calamari race – and the target of Shandra’s long-term and far reaching plans.

Flying past the planet’s Star Destroyer producing orbital array, the Party set down on a landing platform aboard the floating capital of Coral City. Their contact Ido, arrived a short time later, requesting that they join him for a walk as he explained a complication in the plan that he needed the Group’s assistance to overcome. The falsified documentation for the “key researchers” was fully prepared and ready to go, however, the progressively stricter Imperial regulations against the Mon Calamari people now barred them entry from the Records Repository, meaning that they needed off-worlders to actually enter and insert the records.

Additionally, Ido had a request to make, namely that the Group assist him in smuggling a wanted sentient (Choldo) into the Project and off of Dac. The process would require not only falsified credentials, but a forged identity as well, which would need to be uploaded in another area of the Records Repository, and would thus increase the difficulty of the mission somewhat. Sapphire agreed to the job, but stipulated a payment of 6000 credits, to cover the risk and the expenses.

Though shorted on the payment amount, Sapphire agreed to let Ido make up the difference by getting a message to his son Grant – who was still in the custody of the Imperium and acting as both reward for his continued service and insurance policy against his refusal to serve. The Mon Cal eagerly agreed, and Q’Von devoted time to the creation of forged identity documents before the Group moved on to the Records Repository.

Unable to get any recent intelligence from Ido about the Repository due to the regulations against Mon Cal entry, the Party opted to send in a three man team, while the remainder of the Group maintained a watchful eye outside from across the street. Q’Von, DFND4 and Solis entered, discovering the first level of the building to be for querying and records request only. To insert records, they would need to use the turbolift to reach the upper levels.

The second level allowed entry of the falsified credentials, setting the holonet prodigy back 120 credits in fees, but transpiring otherwise without incident. With this done, the trio moved to the third level, where Solis felt it prudent to remain inside the lift to the side of the doorway so as not to be seen. Unlike the previous level, record insertion for persons required authorization and an operating number for the individual doing the insertion, prerequisites that the Group members did not have and could not manufacture on the spot.

Q’Von attempted to bluff his way past the checkpoint, while Solis went back down with the turbolift and outside to inform the rest of the Party as to the problem. Meanwhile, Q’Von and DFND4 hit an impasse with the guard on duty, prompting a quick attack in the hopes that the man possessed a code cylinder to get through the door and into the records area. The move was successful in getting through the barrier, but revealed them as aggressors to security and prompted an audible alarm.

A three-man response team engaged Q’Von as he made his way through the door, two catching him with blaster rounds and the third rushing forth with a stun baton for the capture. DFND4 shoved the heavily-injured holonet prodigy out of the doorway, stepping forward to return weapons fire, which sent the baton wielder scurrying away for cover. Though hardier and able to take more damage, the droid would not last forever, particularly given that the pair would soon be trapped now that the alarm had been sounded.

Outside, the rest of the Group reacted as the alarm filled the street. Solis concealed himself from sight, a move that was mirrored by the Mon Cals Ido and Oro. Sapphire rushed to ready the shuttle for takeoff, in case the team needed to make a hasty retreat to avoid arrest. DD-0X entered the Repository, knowing that Q’Von was armed only with an arc welder, and could be hurt in light of the security response. Tesh maintained his position, watching for any outside response to the alarm sounding.

Back on the third level, DFND4 held off the response team while Q’Von re-closed the door and spot welded it shut with his tool. It was a laborious activity given his severe injuries, but there was no other option. With their opponents cut off, the pair returned to the turbolift, finding DD-0X inside, the medical droid having come in search of Q’Von. Manipulators moved with precision as DD-0X worked on Q’Von’s injuries during the trip downwards.

Meanwhile, Tesh noted the rapid approach of two military regulars from up the street, drawn to the sound of the alarm emanating from the Repository. The heavily armed duo hastened toward the building, radioing for additional units and drawing their weapons. He was about to warn his friends inside when a familiar face caught his eye down a side alley, the financier Kazic from the gala unveiling on Rabaan. The pair locked eyes for a split second, and Tesh knew that each had noticed the other. He moved to the spot as quickly as he could without drawing notice from the regulars and rounded the corner where he had seen his bar stool acquaintance.

Kazic was not alone however, a fact Tesh instantly realized when nearly a half dozen Quarren toughs thrust blaster pistols forward in his direction. The force user held his hands up in surrender, engaging his comm link and asking why they were doing this, knowing that his allies would hear him. The Quarren proceeded to relieve Tesh of his possessions, soon cutting off the comm link broadcast and shoving him into a nearby enclosed speeder.

Back inside, Q’Von, DD-0X, and DFND4 reached the ground floor of the repository as the two regulars entered the building. The prodigy, still wounded and slumped onto the medical droid, reacted immediately, informing the soldiers in panicked fashion that the perpetrators were upstairs, killing everyone. The duo ushered the Party members aside, moving into the turbolift with their weapons forward, ready to engage as soon as the lift doors opened on the upper floor.

Having successfully tricked the first responders, Q’Von and DFND4 shared a look, then hurriedly sealed the turbolift doors with the arc welder, preventing the soldiers or the security personnel from coming back down behind them as they made their way out. If nothing else, it would slow any pursuit, as their foes would be forced to move to the stairs – a detour that would buy the trio enough time to escape into the city before the backup units arrived.

Once out the front doors, they moved down the street heading in the direction of the shuttle craft. Ido and Oro joined in the flight, knowing that more responders were on the way and would lock down the area once they had arrived. With Tesh nowhere in sight, there simply wasn’t time to search the area and figure out what was going on and what had happened to him. Solis, still concealed, looked about quickly as his mind raced. What to do…
Session 3 Log
Housed – temporarily – aboard the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer Challenger, the Party set itself to the task of training on the Nune-class shuttle being provided to them as part of the defection deal with Captain Arlan Lassiter. The week-long process would keep them largely isolated from the ship’s crew, a necessary separation given that only a handful of senior officers and Lassiter’s personal security detail had thus far been entrusted with the news of the change in allegiances. It would likely be months before the Challenger could truly be considered an Imperium ship, but in the meantime things were in motion and the Captain was making good on his promises.

As the only Group member with any real flight experience (not to mention a valid Captain’s Accredited License issued by the Bureau of Ships and Services), Sapphire Soto trained as the shuttle’s pilot – learning the specifics of the controls layout, being granted access codes, memorizing Imperial flight procedures, and conducting both realspace and hyperspace test flights. The smuggler was also quietly issued a Ship’s Operating License and Arms Load-out Permit for the Nune-class shuttle Aggressor.

Tesh Ryon filled the post of System Operator, and was instructed on reading and interpreting sensor data, managing the shuttle’s shield controls, and learning both the operation of the communications equipment, as well as the protocols associated with contacting or being contacted by other Imperials. Additionally, he was taught the IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) transponder code system associated with military vessels – enabling him to determine the type, designation and allegiance of such craft.

The more technical position of Chief Engineer went to Q’Von, who was given an overview of the shuttle’s circuitry and power distribution, shown how to divert or reroute power as needed in emergencies (such as away from overloaded circuits), and trained to repair both system and hull damage when at dock or between battles. The prodigy was also provided instruction on reconfiguration of the vessel’s modular interior components, permitting the Group to shape the shuttle to their specific needs.

More generalized training was also available to the Party, from routine maintenance procedures to weapons calibration and targeting drills. Beyond this, DD-0X made sure to inventory the available medical supplies while DFND4 took stock of the Aggressor’s provisions and consumables. By the time the Group departed the Challenger to made ready to contact “Minister White” and acquire their new orders, their confidence level had grown tremendously, with Sapphire even joking about operating the shuttle by himself.

Once away from the Star Destroyer and in communication with their benefactor, the Party listened as Shandra outlined their next assignment, namely getting the Aggressor smuggled onto the Project’s host planet. Gyndine, one of the many worlds affected by vongspawn mutations, was also the site of a Kuat Drive Yards orbital array. The facility, dedicated to research and development, was eventually deemed vital to the war effort, and became the catalyst around which Krayt’s Empire formally occupied the entire system. The planetary government was forcibly disbanded, with all of its representatives soon arrested or killed – save for one.

The last remaining government official, previously a mid-level minister, was currently in hiding and acting as the De-facto leader of an underground resistance movement against the Imperials. This made the organization a perfect partner, and Shandra (under the guise of Minister White) had brokered an alliance. The Party’s resistance contact – Tendoora Veran – was a former member of the planetary security forces who had taken up work as a cargo hauler after the occupation.

Per the arrangements already made, the Party would meet Tendoora at Ozuar Anchorage, a shadowport far enough from Gyndine to avoid detection, but close enough to still be of use. Veran would take the Aggressor to Gyndine in the holds of his bulk freighter, and Shandra would arrive in short order to transport the Group to the passenger liner that would take them all – alongside the first wave of Project employees – to the Project facility.

With their orders confirmed, the Party made the jump into hyperspace, bound for the coordinates given to them by Shandra. Their arrival point was beside a large nebula, which served to conceal the shadowport’s location from any who had not been made aware of its presence inside. Having been given codes to the appropriate broadcast comm frequency, Tesh obtained an approach vector and Sapphire took the Aggressor in, slow and steady.

The dust-choked interior of the nebula disrupted communications, obstructed the cockpit viewport, and greatly reduced sensor range; mandating constant monitoring of the shuttle’s instruments to facilitate minute course corrections in order to stay on target. With Tesh thoroughly engaged in his work, Q’Von stepped up to assist, relaying information to Sapphire and helping to make it through the thick exterior and to the lighter center, where visibility increased, and both sensors and comms returned to normal.

With the nebula safely behind them, the Group landed in one of the Anchorage’s many docking bays, where the differences between shadowports and the more standard starports were many and obvious. In place of the usual customs officials were gangs of ruffians, who – rather than inspect one’s cargo – simply demanded immediate payment of credits for overpriced necessities such as docking and fuel; demands that were backed up with an almost giddy eagerness to use force.

Fortunately, the Party’s contact Tendoora Veran was not far off, and his accustomed ease and prompt payment brought about a return to “civility”. The Gyndine native then insisted the Group join him in going to another meeting while one of his associates moved the Aggressor onto his hauler. Given that they had little else to do until Shandra arrived with their new transportation, the Party agreed – following as Veran led them deeper into the shadowport.

The meeting turned out to be in a desolate, all but abandoned section of the station, behind a heavy door in a darkened chamber. DD-0X and DFND4 counted a half dozen lifeforms inside – clean, uniformed sentients bearing standard issue weapons and logo-ed armbands… corporate security. A large obviously distorted hologram stood at the room’s center, atop a table projector. Tendoora introduced the hologram as “Myth”, a seller of weapons.

As the discussion proceeded, the true reasoning for Veran’s choice of post-occupation profession became clear. More than merely smuggling the occasional shuttle or person, he was stockpiling weapons for an eventual Gyndine uprising. There was a problem however, one that infuriated Tendoora, and prompted “Myth” to supply an urgent and hasty explanation.

The shipment of disruptors that Veran had paid for and was at the shadowport to retrieve was in the hands of another group, a criminal organization known as the Zann Consortium. In the past, “Myth” had long sold weapons to both Tendoora and the Consortium, but a recent war between the Consortium and another criminal group had increased their usual demand considerably. Despite working in the field of weapons manufacture, “Myth” was limited in the amount of weapons he could supply.

In order to keep his company’s board of directors and shareholders from discovering his side business, “Myth” was only capable of selling a certain percentage of the weapons he manufactured, under the falsehood of them having been defective units that were destroyed. If that percentage of “defective” units got too high, an investigation into the problem would likely land the arms dealer on a prison planet and the supply of weapons would vanish for everyone.

This meant that the only other weapons “Myth” had to sell to the Consortium were Tendoora’s, which – while he didn’t want to do that, he was left with little choice given the trouble that the criminals were threatening – specifically hijacked ships, killed or ransomed crew members and stolen cargo. He had however, also convinced the Consortium to stay behind and speak with Tendoora, to make a more long-term deal that would preserve the peace and at least keep everyone alive and in business.

With a location for the Consortium’s representative in hand, Tendoora ushered his side out of the chamber and toward the site of his next “meeting”. As expected, the criminals had left a large group of sentients behind in a vacant cantina – most likely to kill rather than talk. Anger and shouting quickly consumed the gathering, and Solis knew that things were about to turn ugly. He slipped back through the entry and made his way to the upper level overlook, discovering two rifle wielding criminals aiming down at the assembly below.

The scout’s approach wasn’t unnoticed however, as one of the goons swiveled his weapon to face the new arrival. A shot rang out, sending the criminal slumping to the overlook grating as DFND4 stood below, blaster still trained upwards. The security droid had reacted in an instant, and there was a second’s pause before realization sunk in, igniting a ferocious gun battle. Q’Von and Sapphire upended tables, taking cover as the room filled with a veritable laser-grid of blaster bolts.

Tesh rushed to join Sapphire behind the table, calling upon the Force to hurl a chair at a nearby criminal, narrowly missing as the creep took cover behind one of the weapons crates. DD-0X moved to Q’Von – who had been caught with a round in the chaos. On the overlook, Solis and the second rifleman exchanged fire, shots sparking on the metal railing as each sought to both take cover and return fire. Tendoora and his resistance fighters maneuvered quickly, using their experience in the security forces to maximize their battlefield impact.

Having participated in many an illegal gunfight, the criminals took advantage of both their superior numbers, and their spacing throughout the cantina, attempting to negate their enemies cover. One reckless goon jumped onto a table, using the higher position to catch Q’Von with another round as the prodigy rose to continue engaging the enemy. Though successful in one regard, the tactic also left the criminals exposed, costing them several casualties in short order.

Manipulators a blur, DD-0X worked furiously to assist the fallen Q’Von, turning all attention away from the ensuing battle, and catching a devastating shot in the process. Blue electrical discharges surged wildly as the medical droid emitted a mechanical shriek and toppled over, smoke billowing from a large carbon-scored hole. Tesh moved to fill the gap in medical treatment, conducting a vitality transfer via the force, to partially mend Q’Von’s wounds at the cost of his own health.

The criminals in the meantime, had decided that the fight was turning against them and moved to escape, the mad dash toward the establishment’s rear exit costing them additional fighters. The rifleman from the overlook fell over the railing and onto the cantina floor, signaling Solis’ victory in the one on one matchup and giving the Party the high ground as well. As rapidly as it had begun, the firefight was over, the last couple of criminals having escaped out the back room through a large hole in the wall.

Tendoora and his associates celebrated the acquisition of their gun shipment while the Party searched the fallen Consortium fighters and tended to their injuries. DD-0X was in arguably the worst shape, and would require some extensive repairs – but overall the Group had survived well enough intact. Everyone returned to the now-empty docking bay, where Shandra would shortly arrive to transport the Party to the passenger liner, and hear about their exploits with Tendoora. Only Solis stayed a few moments longer, making his way into populated areas of the shadowport to warn others away from dealings with “Myth”.

The resulting trip away from Ozuar Anchorage and to the passenger liner gave Q’Von time to recover, and make the necessary repairs to DD-0X along the way. Aboard the new vessel, Shandra introduced the Party to Oro, one of her Mon Calamari contacts, who would be taking over for the murdered mercenary Hothron (whose killer she had codenamed The Warden due to his presumed ability to order Sapphire’s release back at the security station). Shandra also had one minor task for the Group, sneaking into the cargo bay of the ship and adding a small crate to the shipment, to be stealthily reacquried after they had arrived to Gyndine – an easy job when compared to the recent mission on Rabaan.

Arriving finally to Gyndine, the passenger liner moved past the orbital array and through the planetary shield’s lone gateway, entering atmosphere and pressing onward to the capital city of Yractos. The ship was met at the landing pad by Captain Lin Mendalson, who would be helping Shandra and her assistants settle into the facility and introducing them to the facility commander, Major Dural. For his part, Dural seemed unhappy with the prospect of the Project on his base, or perhaps it was merely the presence of the project’s Sith overseer Lord Mastigar being present – who issued stern words to Shandra regarding his expectations as to the Project’s rapid advances and lack of delays or failures before leaving.

With the brief introduction out of the way, Mendalson once again took the lead, issuing code cylinder access to the Party members, entering their likenesses and records into the base’s database and leading a firearms certification drill, enabling the Group members (save for Sapphire who failed the exam) to carry their weapons on the base. The scout would have to attend a secondary class for another shot, but not before the Party needed to retrieve the package they had sneaked into the cargo hold of the passenger liner.

After nabbing the package ahead of any inspection, the Group returned to Shandra in her office, and watched as she first silenced all, and then opened the crate. Inside, scanners, portable computers and other slicing equipment were quickly put to use, as Shandra and the new arrival Oro took to carefully going over the entire office, ensuring the absence of any devices that might be watching or listening. Only once the room was fully swept and found to be clean did Shandra speak again, bringing the Party more fully into the fold.

The Gyndine Project was, by and large, a ruse, designed to gain access to funds, equipment and personnel – which would be used over time to assist in taking control of the planet Dac (Mon Calamari) away from Krayt’s Empire. As a world focused on ship production for the Imperial Navy, Dac was a key target, and taking it would be a long term goal at best. She continued explaining that things would occur slowly at first, starting with the very basics.

If the group was to operate on this base safely, they would need to know as much as possible about it. Troop numbers would need to be determined, as well as tapping into the network of sensors and holocams used by the military forces. The Group was inside the proverbial belly of the sarlac, and if they were to maneuver, they needed intelligence first and foremost. The time table for the initial fact gathering was set to one week, as the Party would then need to travel to Dac, and return to the base with a number of the Project’s “key researchers” – which was to say additional spies and operatives…
Session 2 Log
With the operation teetering on the brink of disaster, the Party needed to take swift, yet cautious action if there was to be any hope for success. Word of the disturbance at the spaceport had prompted the abrupt departure of Captain Arlan Lassiter from the unveiling gala, which meant that the mission’s already limited timeclock was now suddenly about to run out, with no one from either team ready for phase 3. Despite the acquisition of both the guest list and the required Imperial Mission cargo, neither objective was fully completed, as no new names had been matched to attendees, and the cargo had yet to be delivered to Grant Soto and the Imperium’s smugglers. Worse still, two Group members were in the hands of security forces, their fates unknown.

Solis wasted no time, slipping out of his hiding spot and over to a crowd of onlookers that had gathered near a second cargo ship at the far side of the docking bay. A small number of uniformed security officers had taken to canvasing for witnesses, enabling the scout to be directed to one of the on-scene investigators. Inside the cordoned off area, Solis took on an air of authority and a false name, using his knowledge of bureaucratic procedure to pass himself off as an intelligence agent or other plain-clothed officer with some potentially pertinent information about a certain unsavory Captain Lassiter. While any inquiry into the Captain was sure to turn up nothing of relevance, the delay would at least keep Lassiter on the ground long enough for the Group to catch him – and Solis himself would be long gone before anyone could ask additional questions.

The on-scene investigator Sarkin Highlark agreed to dispatch an officer, presumably not wanting to see any stone go unturned in his investigation into the incident. It was confirmation to Solis that his ruse had worked, so he pressed more, trying to determine if Hothron had been discovered and captured by asking if any Zabraks had been taken into custody or held for questioning. Perplexed by the seemingly offbeat, yet specific question, the investigator agreed to look into the matter, giving Solis a comm channel to reach him on and allowing the scout to continue on his way. For his part, Solis took up subtle pursuit of the dispatched officer, hoping to follow the man to Lassiter’s shuttle.

Meanwhile, at the security station, Sapphire listened at the missionary witnesses whispered to one another about what they had seen – discussions that were periodically silenced by a barked order from a passing security officer. While many details were different from one telling to the next, two elements remained the same: that the assailant had been a male Zabrak, and that he had used a blaster pistol. It was a vague enough description to keep Hothron safe – assuming he wasn’t the only Zabrak in the area at the time.

When his turn to give a statement finally came, Soto kept to the story he had told upon first being encountered by security: that he was a simple bystander who had briefly encountered a sentient fleeing the scene in suspicious fashion. He again described the missionary without mentioning the man’s regalia, keeping his tale as near to the original telling as possible – so as to deny the investigators any new information. Afterwards he was re-seated in the waiting area and told that he should be able to leave soon.

Elsewhere, Hothron surveyed his surroundings inside the medical bay. He was in a room at the far end of the hall from the entryway, with a pair of security officers stationed outside the door. The room itself held little of use to him: the bacta tank he was currently inside, an examination table, a stool for a physician, and storage compartments with basic triage supplies. Nothing that was going to get him past two guards with blaster rifles and backup just a commlink call away. He would have to wait until the situation changed before he could make a move.

As it turned out, he didn’t have to wait long – as almost on cue a quartet of new individuals entered the bay. Three were clearly Imperial army regulars, with plastoid armor and military issue heavy blaster rifles. The fourth was the oddity, dressed in expensive finery, but with a sidearm on his hip. This new group spoke briefly with the security officers before the well-groomed leader had one of his men relieve the posted guards – who nodded their acknowledgement and then left.

Now alone with the quartet, Krill steeled his nerves and began looking once more for anything that might help him escape, or serve as a weapon should he find himself in a fight in the next few moments. On command, the remaining two regulars pulled Hothron from the bacta tank, while the leader pushed the stool forward for the mercenary to sit. Krill played along, taking a seat and waiting. The leader browsed a datapad as he spoke, referring to Hothron as “Missionary” and inquiring about the circumstances of his injuries during the attempted hijacking of the Imperial Mission cargo vessel.

Inferring that he was apparently not yet a suspect, Krill began to concoct his story, of being on board the ship and then feeling the pierce of a blade as he was attacked from behind. He stated that it had happened quickly, and that he had never even seen anyone, simply waking up in the medical bay just moments ago. The leader tapped his datapad one final time, then looked up, with a smirk. It was interesting, the man said, that no other witness had mentioned a blade. Everyone else had seen a Zabrak male with a blaster pistol.

In that second, the quartet’s intention became clear. The leader’s smirk melted into a scowl as he turned to his regulars and gave the order to “Do it”. Hothron reacted in the blink of an eye, flying to his feet, and driving his fist into the leader’s face as the soldiers raised their rifles. The first shot struck true, sending the mercenary backwards just enough for the leader to recover and jam his sidearm into Krills abdomen. Time seemed to freeze as the man pulled the trigger, the resulting bolt incapacitating Hothron and dropping him onto the floor. As the Zabrak blacked out, muffled words drifted through his consciousness. “Get him out of here, keep it quiet”.

Back at the gala, Q’Von and DD-0X exited the estate, moving as quickly as they could manage while still maintaining their appearance as guests who just happened to be leaving a tad early. Outside, reserved airspeeders and their accompanying pilots waited for the officers and dignitaries who would soon be making their way home. The pair moved to the public terminal kiosk, made arrangements for an airspeeder flight, and endeavored to keep a low profile as they awaited transport.

Meanwhile, DFND4 watched from beside the droid charging station as a scanning crew finished its sweep of the Imperial Mission’s cargo vessel. With no further dangers having been found, it was only a matter of time before the docking bay would be open again. The security droid would be able to drop off the stolen supplies to the Imperium’s smugglers soon, and link back up with Solis to move to Lassiter’s shuttle. If he could solve one final problem.

Being situated next to the docking bay’s loading droids, DFND4 found himself the target of a false assumption on the part of a crewman from the other hauler. The man ordered the security droid to get his crate on board the ship, forcing DFND4 to feign compliance and then slip past the loading ramp and underneath the vessel. Once out of sight, DFND4 stored the container inside an air duct, using a hydrospanner swiped from a mechanic’s kit.

Shortly thereafter, Sapphire Soto’s voice came over the comm channel, with a report that he had been given clearance to leave the security station. However, the smuggler also believed he was being followed, as the individual who had given him the notification wasn’t a security officer, but rather a well dressed stranger with an Imperial army soldier as his escort. The man had come to Soto directly, addressed him by name, and then departed without another word.

Solis also had unwelcome news for the channel, as his efforts to tail the dispatched security officer to Lassiter’s shuttle had failed following the man’s acquisition of a speeder to ferry him. The scout had attempted a distraction to slow the officer’s advance and keep close, but the effort was unsuccessful and had gained Solis specific notice – forcing him to give up the pursuit or risk alerting his target to the fact that he was being shadowed.

All was not lost however, as Q’Von and DD-0X had Lassiter and his companions in sight outside of the Governor’s estate. The Captain’s departure had placed him only a few moments behind the prodigy and medical droid, and as such they were in position to follow his reserved airspeeder with the transportation they had called via the terminal kiosk. From their midair position trailing the target, they could provide real time updates and location coordinates as needed.

With things finally starting to come together, the Group set about wrapping up their other business. DFND4 retrieved the stolen cargo and delivered it to Grant Soto and the Imperium’s smugglers. Sapphire procured airborne transport and worked on identifying or losing anyone that might be tailing him after the incident at the security station. Q’Von put the finishing touches on a forged set of military credentials so as to get past the checkpoint and to Lassiter’s shuttle. Solis reconnected with the investigator from the docking bay, in an effort to get any updates on Zabrak prisoners and to be officially paired with the dispatched security officer to interview Lassiter.

Having now completed all other tasks, and being as ready as was possible given the circumstances, the Group converged on the military docking platform that housed Lassiter’s shuttle. Q’Von used his forged credentials to gain entry, bringing DD-0X and Tesh Ryon as his escorts. Solis, Sapphire, and DFND4 entered alongside the dispatched security officer, and were directed to Lassiter’s shuttle – which was preparing for takeoff.

Solis made the first move, sidelining the investigating security officer with other tasks while he boarded the shuttle and addressed the Captain directly. For his part, Lassiter was cautious, but willing to listen when word of an end to his stagnating career was offered. Slowly, methodically, Solis lead the solicitation, convincing the captain to permit the other party members on board to join in the meeting. Q’Von offered up his forged promissory commission document, while DD-0X displayed a listing of other defectors who had since been elevated under the True Emperor Roan Fel.

In the end, Lassiter’s desire for advancement and reciprocation of loyalty won out over his fear and reservations. Upon hearing support for the decision from both his men and his wife, he officially agreed to defect – enabling the Party to contact Minister White with the good news. The deal was cemented with Lassiter making the commitment to provide one of his Star Destroyer’s shuttlecrafts for the Group to use, thus ensuring that he could not back out of the deal, lest he face the wrath of the Sith for providing military equipment to enemies of the Empire.

This agreement necessitated Lassiter taking the Group with him to his ship, where they would train on the vessel’s configuration options, Imperial flight protocols, and shuttle maintenance procedures. The only thing left to do on Rabaan was to locate Hothron, who had not been seen since since the incident at the Imperial Mission cargo ship. Having already established contacts within the investigation, Solis took the lead on this front.

Meanwhile, Hothron awoke to find himself still injured, and still imprisoned. His legs and arms were manacled to the chair and table at which he was seated, and a familiar voice could be heard as the cloth hood covering his head and face was removed. Despite bearing a minor facial wound, the mercenary’s well dressed adversary had lost none of his arrogance. He smirked as he attempted to garner information from Krill, indicating intimate knowledge by asking how long Hothron had worked “for her”. When the Zabrak refused to cooperate, the man offered him one final chance, which Hothron turned down flatly.

With a shrug Krill’s captor rose and opened the room’s door to reveal men just outside. He ordered them to put the mercenary out the airlocke, responding to their inquiry about needing to learn Hothron’s name first by stating coldly that it didn’t matter. When Solis’ search finally located the Party’s wayward teammate, Hothron had been dead for more than an hour. He had been beaten, stabbed, shot, possessed both offensive and defensive wounds, and had been discovered orbiting the planet in nothing but undergarments.

Hothron’s comm (presumably in the hands of whomever killed him) was found to be still active, and briefly emitted static over the secure channel before the Group removed the devices. Although the night’s overall mission had been a success, Hothron’s fate revealed the seriousness of the assignment that they had all undertaken, and that someone, somewhere was working against them…
Session 1 Log
Arriving without incident to Ban Belos Spaceport on the planet Rabaan – located deep inside the territory controlled by those Imperial forces loyal to the usurper Darth Krayt – the Party commenced its first undercover assignment for the Empire-in-Exile under the direction of Imperial Missionary Shandra Otara, a covert agent better known to the Fel Imperium as “Minister White”. Her status as the guest of honor and keynote speaker for the evening’s gala unveiling of the Gyndine Project at the residential estate of Regional Governor Tyberion Lang made her the perfect distraction, but at the cost of leaving her unable to assist the Party as they carried out the night’s objectives.

Chief amongst these goals is the solicitation for defection of Arlan Lassiter, the outcast Captain of the Star Destroyer Challenger. The Imperium’s intelligence files suggest he’s the ideal candidate to turn to the side of the True Emperor, if only he can be spoken to privately and made to see the light – a task his routinely empty social calendar has made nearly impossible until now. With luck, the Party would also fulfill their secondary and tertiary objectives: namely identifying the recipients of previously nonspecific gala invitations and the theft of food and medical supplies from an Imperial Mission cargo ship, bound for Gyndine.

The Group’s three phase plan divided the Party into two teams, with the first (designated “A” or alpha) set to infiltrate the gala while the second (“B” or bravo) maneuvered about the landing pads and docking facilities of the Spaceport. Tesh Ryon (the Imperium’s liaison), Q’Von Casyr (the young holonet prodigy), and DD-0X (the oft-memory wiped medical droid) rounded out “A” team; while bravo team was comprised of Solis Javliin (the Umbaran scout), Sapphire Soto (the formerly retired smuggler pressed into service), DFND4 (the three-armed, custom-built security droid), and Hothron Krill (the Zabrak mercenary).

Things started off well, with alpha team forging a promissory letter of promotion for Captain Lassiter and entering the gala as Shandra’s entourage while bravo team acquired the Group’s mission equipment from Grant Soto, hired smuggler and son to Party member Sapphire. Despite being under arrest and forced to serve the Imperium while his father worked to earn him a pardon, Grant maintained his composure and wished the elder Soto luck, uncertain when they might see one another again once the mission was over.

Inside the gala, Governor Lang took up Shandra’s escort as expected, relieving Tesh of the role, and issuing an “order” for the former escort to find himself a drink, and return with one for Lang – a directive that took the undercover liaison to the nearby bar counter, where he met Kazic, an attendee with a career in finance. Meanwhile, Q’Von and DD-0X spotted a pair of problems with their first phase 1 objective. The estate’s eastern balcony – the site of bravo’s entrance with alpha’s equipment once it has been cleared of gala attendees – possessed a mounted security holocam and a posted member of event security.

Uncertain of how to deal with this unexpected complication without their equipment, Q’Von and DD-0X stayed back while the newly returned Tesh attempted to remove the posted guard using an application of the Force to affect the man’s mind – a move that resulted in additional security personnel being dispatched to investigate his suspicious behavior. Timely intervention by both Q’Von and the financier Kazic enabled Tesh to play at being intoxicated and avoid arrest, but put both he and the holonet prodigy squarely in security’s sights, limiting their ability to contribute to the team’s objectives.

Elsewhere, bravo team had arrived to within electrobinocular range of the eastern balcony and awaited a cleared entrance location – a prolonged delay that eventually forced Sapphire and Solis to send Krill and DFND4 back toward the spaceport to begin bravo team’s first phase 2 objective, locating the Imperial Mission cargo vessel and Captain Lassiter’s private shuttlecraft. In the interim, the smuggler and scout would assist alpha by timing the external patrols while they waited.

Back inside, alpha team pressed on in spite of their difficulties. DD-0X moved to the overlook guest level, quickly discovering it to be choked with the lingering haze of hookah and Esoomian gruu pipe smoke – a method of obfuscation that might just work for blocking the mounted holocam. Q’Von, knowing himself to be a person of interest to security, turned the situation to his advantage, using quick movements and line of sight obstacles to draw the posted guard and backup team into following him as he moved away from the balcony.

With DD-0X using an appendage fan to blow thick smoke to obstruct the holocam from an overhead window, and Q’Von leading security on an odd and circuitous route around the gala, Tesh once again made his move, attempting to remove the final couple occupying the balcony by seeking a dance with the young debutante – much to the chagrin of her wealthy suitor. Although Tesh failed to acquire the dance, the effort was enough to draw the suitor’s ire, who took the opportunity to show up the liaison by taking the lady for a dance himself – Finally clearing the balcony for bravo team.

Sapphire and Solis moved swiftly, covering the distance between their cover and the building’s base as rapidly as they could. Ascension guns made the trek upwards a minor affair and as quickly as they had arrived, the smuggler and scout were gone again, passing the equipment pack off and racing back across the clearing to return to the spaceport and catch up to Krill and DFND4. For their part, the mercenary and security droid had located a trio of Imperial Missionaries, and had made their approach – claiming that Missionary Otara had sent them to resolve an error on the shipping manifest.

Krill explained that a small selection of items were placed on board by mistake and needed to be removed before the ship launched, handing the team’s datapad with the cargo vessel acquisition list to the confused missionary, who agreed to take them with him to straighten things out with the ship’s captain. Once inside the vessel, the mercenary followed the Captain to his cabin while DFND4 began opening cargo containers and filling a spare crate with the items from the Group’s list.

The situation devolved quickly however, when the Captain stated his need to send a transmission to clear the transfer of items – a process that Krill knew would reveal the falsehood of his claims. The Zabrak struck the Captain with his ion blaster, wielding the weapon as a bludgeoning instrument and rendering the Captain unconscious with a series of blows about the head and shoulders. Krill ordered nearby Missionaries who had witnessed this outburst into the room and sealed the door, but not before one escaped, racing past DFND4 and off of the vessel.

Sapphire arrived on scene at this point; he and Solis having received the docking bay number from the droid and mercenary while they were enroute. The fleeing missionary began to tell his story to Soto, then noticed the smuggler’s weapons and decided him a part of the apparent robbery crew. The frightened man resumed his flight, but not before Sapphire managed to rip off his identity chip. For his part, Solis secreted himself alongside a nearby stack of shipping containers, remaining out of sight now that things had started to go wrong.

Meanwhile, alpha team moved on to the objectives for the second phase of their part of the mission. Q’Von made amends with the security guard, offering up a drink as part of his apology and smoothing things over just enough to be left in peace. Tesh, scoured the gala’s dining tables, soon locating Captain Lassiter and taking a seat in an effort to engage him. DD-0X, rejoining Q’Von after the bar stool apology began assisting in the prodigy’s efforts to acquire a copy of the guest list.

With the event well underway, and Shandra taking the podium for her address, Q’Von and DD-0X noticed the equipment for the entryway’s secure checkpoint being dismantled and the parts rolled away in anticipation of the later departure of the gala’s crowd. The pair seized on the opportunity, with Q’Von using his charms to woo a female worker near the end of the procession, and gaining access to a card secured side office for a bit of hanky panky.

Q’Von kept up his seduction charade just long enough to secure the apparently adventurous woman with mesh tape before casting her aside and using the room’s terminal access to hook up the portable computer from the equipment pack. DD-0X kept an eye on the door and the bound woman while Q’Von did his job, slicing into the network and downloading a copy of the gala’s guest list. The pair then departed the room and slipped away just as a security officer took notice of the woman’s abandoned rolling cart against the wall across the corridor.

Back at the spaceport, troops began arriving to investigate the reports of armed individuals conducting a robbery of the Imperial Mission’s cargo vessel. Sapphire sought to deceive the guards, stating himself to be a passerby and describing the fleeing missionary as the assailant who had fled the scene. Inside the vessel, Krill watched as the bay was secured and the ship surrounded. Unable to access the ship’s computer without the Captain’s access codes, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was trapped in a hostage situation that would ultimately lead to his capture.

The mercenary locked his captives into the captain’s cabin, and acquired a set of missionary regalia. He changed into the garb, and cut himself severely, laying down onto the floor in an effort to appear as a missionary who had been attacked as part of the ship takeover. DFND4 took the shipping crate of items and exited the vessel, informing the advancing troops that the criminal had gone toward the cockpit. The custom security droid then took up position alongside a set of charging stations housing cargo droids, attempting to blend into the background of the scene until the situation was over and the bay once again open.

Having re-secured the ship, and found no obvious attacker in the vicinity, the security forces began investigation operations. Sapphire Soto was transported alongside the liberated missionaries and other witnesses to a nearby security station, where all were seated in a waiting area and were told they would be interviewed individually. Krill was taken to a medical office, and placed in a bacta tank with guards at the door. Whether he was a prisoner or a protected victim was uncertain. DFND4 and Solis remained hidden in the docking bay, listening as the remaining security personnel called for a scanning crew to search the ship.

In the meantime, Tesh endeavored to make light conversation with Captain Lassiter, who spent the majority of his time silent, and only occasionally responding. It was during this activity that a tremor rippled through the force, alerting Ryon to an unseen problem. He scanned the room and noticed increased activity amongst the security personnel, who were tapping their comm links and attempting to remain subtle about having done so. Something was wrong, and whatever it was, Captain Lassiter was aware of it also, as a subordinate approached and whispered into the Captain’s ear, prompting him and his party to begin collecting their belongings to leave the event…
DANgerous Star Wars 2 Log

Panning away from the emptiness of space, the camera settles onto a vibrant, water-rich planet with deep green land masses scattered across its surface. The silence is broken by the low hum of an engine as a crimson-colored shuttle comes into the frame, momentarily blocking view of the planet and its lone moon before proceeding along an approach vector and shrinking into the distance. It bears the mark of the Empire on its upper stabilizer, and as it nears the planet’s atmosphere, a voice crackles over the interior comm system:

“Attention all passengers: We are now on final approach to Rabaan. Arrival to Ban Belos Spaceport is imminent. You are required to have your identification out and ready for inspection.”

The shot changes to a spacious interior cabin, where a regally dressed woman can be seen leaning toward a large mirror-surfaced wall panel as she examines herself carefully, looking for any flaw in her completed appearance. She wears a close-fitting, yet conservative white evening gown, accentuated with more formal Imperial elements and a missionaries cowl with the hood lowered. Apparently satisfied, she closes her eyes for one deep breath before exiting the cabin and moving through a corridor into a common area. She stops just inside the doorway, eyeing the room’s other occupants expectantly:

“You’re all ready I trust?”


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