Tyberion Lang


The Regional Governor of the Circarpous Sector of the Expansion Region, Tyberion hosted the unveiling gala for Shandra Otara and the Gyndine Project at his residential estate in Ban Belos on Rabaan. Is suspected of having a past relationship with Shandra due to her use of the knickname “Ty” when referring to him – she is the only one to do so.

Conducted an inspection of the Project’s research facility alongside Darth Mastigar following the destruction of a supply depot on the base and reports of numerous deaths – both of prisoners and soldiers. Was re-introduced to various Party members, including Sapphire Soto and Oro, who were stated as being Department heads. Spoke of potential upcoming changes.

The governor faced increased scrutiny from some in certain circles after the revelation that Shandra Otara was a known associate of the Spymaster Solis Javliin, fifth most wanted man in the Expansion. After her disappearance, it is rumored that Lang had to call in all his favors to remain in office, and continues to rebuild his questionable reputation.

Tyberion Lang

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