The Warden

A stealthy counterintelligence agent.


The mysterious individual responsible for the death of Party member Hothron Krill during the Party’s mission on Rabaan, as well as the abduction of Tesh Ryon on Dac. Presumably also intended to have Tesh killed as he was overheard telling the Quarren goons working for him “don’t kill him before I get back”. Given the codename “The Warden” by Shandra Otara after hearing Sapphire Soto’s description of how he was escorted by an Imperial army regular and released the smuggler from security’s custody.

Following Tesh’s escape from his ship on Dac, the Party has determined that he is also the financier “Kazic” who briefly spoke with Tesh at the bar during the Gyndine Project unveiling gala on Rabaan. He was also spotted by Solis Javliin on Dac, wearing an Imperial uniform and leaving the scene of the Records Repository as it was being ravaged by a massive fire – which was almost immediately after the Party fled the area following their partially botched mission to insert records for Choldo Re and the other “key researchers”. Is suspected of being some manner of agent for the Empire.

Later slipped onto Gyndine as part of the troop reinforcements that came to facilitate the redistricting effort of the local populace. Left a comm device and cloth hood outside of Tesh’s room, which led to the Party’s first communication with him. Set up a midnight meeting in the base’s east perimeter badlands where he used a remote camera to watch from afar while discussing over the comm. Spoke of his desire for the Party to back off and made threats should they fail to do so. Left a tripwire explosive device with the remote camera which was nearly triggered by Solis when he came to investigate the area.

After being captured by a crime syndicate at the request of the Party, he was interrogated aggressively, lost his leg, and was given an ultimatum (as well as a new, cybernetic leg). The Warden chose to join forces, at least temporarily, with his antagonists.

He proved occasionally useful as the net began to close on the covert operations on Gyndine, but continued to work on his own agenda. He made himself scarce when Markus Dural returned, and seemed to vanish in the chaos that followed. Was later discovered to be the Director and Warden of the Sith prison at Korriban – during the mission to rescue Princess Marasiah Fel following her capture at Agamar.


Given the code name “fancy pants” by Sapphire and the revolution. Is known to detest “leg” jokes, but always tries to put his best foot forward.

Slain on Coruscant by the Sunsetter Knights during their final mission.

The Warden

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