Tendoora Veran


A member of the Gyndine Security Forces until it was disbanded in the aftermath of the Imperial Occupation of the planet. Currently a member of the resistance movement under the direction of Gaina Celes, and was the Party’s resistance contact at the shadowport of Ozuar Anchorage. Seen by the more moderate members of the resistance as a bit of a loose cannon. Has been using his post at a legitimate shipping company to smuggle weapons (and other contraband) on and off of Gyndine. Purchases his illegal arms from the weapon’s dealer Myth for the “inevitable” revolution to push the Empire back off of his world.

Veran was flushed out of hiding after the ISB released a Vong plague on the populace of Gyndine, and was subsequently captured. His forced testimony allowed Markus Dural to return to Gyndine and level charges of espionage against the Party. During their escape from incarceration, Soto and Solis opened his cell and shot him both to prevent him from revealing more information and as revenge for his betrayal.


Dubbed “The Pistol in the Night” by Solis Javliin and the Party.

Tendoora Veran

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