Sarkin Highlark


A member of the Imperial Security Forces for Ban Belos Spaceport on Rabaan, Sarkin Highlark was the lead investigator into the “attempted highjacking” of the Imperial Mission cargo vessel “Salvation” during the Gyndine Project gala unveiling (which involved Party member Hothron Krill). Was deceived by Solis Javliin into thinking that the scout was a member of Imperial Intelligence and used his resources and access to assist in Solis’ “investigation”.

Was later contacted by the scout again following the Party’s unsuccessful attempt to input Choldo Re’s new identity into the Records Repository on Dac. Due to the urgency with which “Agent Sensetter” (ie, Solis Javliin) requested the a data transfer, he did not review the documents before uploading them to assist. This enabled the identity to be used despite the fiasco at the Repository, which in turn kept Choldo from being discovered by Major Dural upon his arrival to Gyndine.


Sarkin Highlark

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