Sapphire Soto

Skilled pilot and smuggler


Sapphire made his name and career as a luxury transport for high end dignitaries. His side business was smuggling people for the Empire. They paid handsomely and when his wife died, he passed on his ship The Golden Lion to his son Granitte.

More recently, the Empire has need for Sapphire to come out of retirement and has caught Grannite stealing from them. They have promised a full pardon to Granitte with Sapphire’s help.

Family Members:
Emerald Soto (Father – dead)
Sara Soto (Mother – dead)
Blaire Soto (Wife – dead)
Diamond Soto (Daughter – dead)
Granitte Soto “Grant” (Son)
Lapis Soto (Daughter – dead)
Gage Lightburner (Son of Diamond Soto) – 10 years old

Sapphire Soto

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