Roan Fel

The One True Emperor.


A tall and imposing royal — every bit a potent locus of both majesty and The Force, itself. His black hair is stricken through with white, which is common in his Imperial bloodline. He wears the regal purple, save when he dons his red armor of battle.


The leader of the Imperial Knights, Roan is also the Emperor of the Fel Imperium (Empire-in-Exile), and the “True Emperor” of the Empire. He was the third Emperor of the Fel Dynasty to sit upon the Imperial Throne until being deposed by the Sith lord Darth Krayt. Known for his political acumen and strategic thinking, he spent his reign keeping the Empire on the course that his grandfather (Jagged Fel) set for it. He could not, however, foresee the coming of the Sith nor the impact they would have on his throne – and his family. Even in his current exiled state, he has maintained a persistent campaign against the Sith.

With his wife, the Empress Elliah Fel, slain by a betrayer — only his daughter, the Princess Marasiah Fel remains to succeed him.

Fel is a cautious, calculating, and patient leader after the coup. He relies on his loyal followers and guidance from the Living Force to find victory amidst the overwhelming power of The One Sith.

Slain after the final battle of Coruscant by an “accidental” release of the “Omega Red” supervirus aboard the “Jagged Fel,” his flagship. In reality, this was an intentional assassination by Solis Javliin, who judged that no one person should have as much power as an Emperor, Dark or Light. He was succeeded by his daughter, who established the Galactic Triumvirate government.

Roan Fel

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