Q'Von Caysr (Q)


Q’Von was born and lived the first 15 years of his life on Coruscant with his father, Claalb. Claalb, by all accounts, is a hardworking landspeeder mechanic, who today would be in his 60s and well known in the local sector. The stories of his family’s political legacy, recounted by all those that have graced the doorway of “Caysr Repair and Service”, is somewhat hard to follow in terms of the lineage, but the best anyone can determine is that until approximately 160 years ago, during the Clone Wars, the family was the political arm administering all trade within the Metellos route. Rich and full supporters of the ideology of the Republic the Caysr family were one of the many families disposed and stripped of their standing when the Empire came to power. Left to find their way in the new truth.

Q was not one to take to this story his father continually attempted to sell to the masses. Mostly it seemed to be a way to bring in business and get people talking about the shop. After all, all publicity is good right? The relationship between father and son continued to strain through the years until Q’s 15th cycle. A day following the fateful day Q’s father described, in yet another of his drunken stupors, the reasons of this mother’s departure and the uselessness of her existence….Q had had enough and beat his father until he was barely breathing. He left his childhood home and went directly to the local Empire recruitment center, after creating false documentation proving his age, and selling his prowess in both the mechanical and technical aptitudes he was accepted immediately to the program. Due to the pressing needs of the sector and the natural ability he displayed in repairing a protocol droid (A normal test, but to Q he was obviously the best to have ever taken the test) there was no question he would be of value to the Empire.

Q was shuttled directly to the technical training regiment on Hesperidium. Once an oasis a resort for the highest of ranks within the Empire; it retained some of its luster, while less polished, and reconfigured for training purposes. For a cycle ‘Q’ trained for his role within the new Empire under the honorable Emperor Roan Fel. The second of three required training levels to completed in order to be ranked and released to the fleet was the last that Q managed to complete; the local holonet competition. A competition that included only those of the highest order in each class. Four students of 30 chosen to compete for the coveted position of first of class to hold the colors. Q, through a very close battle with Zarli Jansen (a female near human), narrowly finished the multi-level hack incorporating all that they had learned to that point before she did. While he would have freely given her the win it was not in his control and he was awarded the colors and a mind-wiped droid by the name of Dox.

Shortly before his training could be completed the Emperor was deposed during the Usurping by Krayt. Q and Dox were amongst a few of the trainees that were rescued during the usurpation and were transported to the Bastion system. Dox incessantly continued a diatribe of his support for Emperor Fel and, while not necessarily outside of Q’s belief, spurred a need within Q to look further into the inner workings of this prize droid and see if there is anything that can be done to make him more accommodating…
Completing the training as previously defined on hold; Q and Dox have been tasked to infiltrate the usurpers in order to gain a foothold under the guise of “providing medical assistance” with he himself being simply a service person for Dox and his healing mastery.


Q'Von Caysr (Q)

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