Markus Dural

A scheming, paranoid bureaucrat.


Dural was the base commander during the opening phase of Project Gyndine, but was outwitted and ousted in shame by the very spies he was trying to hunt down. Obsessed with revenge after his demotion, he used every resource and favor he had to search for clues about his enemies, and eventually caught a break after the capture of Tendoora Veran.

With the reluctant approval of Darth Veklor, Dural was reinstated and returned triumphantly to Gyndine, promptly arresting the key members of the spy network, therein. Within minutes of his moment of victory, all but one of the same spies began to escape. The captured spy, the droid DFND4, tricked Dural into coming close before using internal explosives to kill the Major and his guards, allowing the rest of the team time to flee.

Markus Dural

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