A long term ally of Shandra Otara, Ido was assigned to be the Party’s Mon Calamari contact on Dac when they were dispatched from Gyndine to transport the “key researchers” (ie, spies) back to the Project facility. He needed the Party’s assistance in submitting falsified credentials into Coral City’s Records Repository, as The Empire had barred Mon Cals from entry. Also requested the Party input a new identity for Choldo Re, who was described as a “valuable operative on the run from The Empire”, so that the he could be smuggled off of Dac and into the Project to escape arrest.

Having actual scientific certifications, Ido manages the day-to-day operations of the Project in Shandra’s stead, allowing the her the freedom to work towards other goals, like laying the groundwork to siphon off billions of credits from the Project’s budget. He has also put his knowledge to use in other ways, such as creating the lethal compound for Solis Javliin that was used in the poison attack that resulted in the deaths of Trooper Bek Sisk and the other prisoners of the facility’s security-only level.

In addition to his abilities in the lab, Ido has also displayed a knack for sophisticated surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment, and routinely sweeps sensitive areas for hidden holocams or listening devices.



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