Totally a chef droid, not an assassin droid.


DFND4 – Droid Soldier (Security Droid)
6’ height
Weight: 350lbs

STR: 17 (+3)
DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: – (0)
INT: 11 (0)
WIS: 10 (0)
CHA: 10 (0)

Hitpoints: 30

Fort Def: 13
Damage threshold: 13
Speed: 6
Initiative: + 7
Perception: 5
Base Attack: 2
Force Points: N/A

Fort: 14
Ref: 15
Will: 12

Weapon One: Mace Arm (attack +6, Damage: 1d8+4)
DFND4’s third arm unfolds from his back where it’s stored normally, and is equipped with a blunt mace for close combat. The mace is modular, and can be replaced with something else, but the new weapon must be specially made as an attachment- the arm is not standard and doesn’t fit standard droid weaponry without modification.

Weapon Two: Blaster Pistol (Attack +5, Damage: 3d6+3)
This is a standard blaster pistol that DFND4 uses for long range.

Acrobatics: 2
Climb: 3
Deception 0
Endurance: 0
Gather Information: 0
Initiative: 7
Jump: 3
Knowledge (cooking): 5
Mechanics: 5
Perception: 5
Persuasion: 0
Pilot: 2
Ride: 2
Stealth: 2
Survival: 0
Swim: 3
Treat Injury: 0
Use Computer: 0
Use The Force: 0

Weapon Focus: Blaster PIstol

Light/Med Armor
Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons

Droid Equipment:
Heuristic Processor
Appendage (hand) X2
Appendage (Tool: Mace)
Locomotion: 4 legs


DFND4 was originally built by an engineer working for the Hutt Cartel. “He” was assembled from spare parts from several different droids- though he doesn’t look that way- his builder spent time finishing him to make the various parts match.

He served the cartel as a guard until Solon Granba, the leader of that branch of the Hutt Cartel was killed by Vorsootha, a rival hutt. All of Granba’s possessions became Vorsootha’s, including DFND4.

Vorsootha liked the intimidating look of DFND4, and so put him in his gladiator pit, with a mace installed on his third arm (that at one point held a security tool). DFND4 did well in the pit, but was eventually defeated. Vorsootha lost interest in the defeated droid, and sold him off to a freighter captain to act as a basic loader.

DFND4 went through the hands of several other organizations before being lost in a poker game to Sapphire Soto, who refurbished the droid and used him for general purpose on his ship, specifically as a cook.

DFND4 looks largely humanoid, and moves around on two legs when in tight corridors. When room allows (and especially in combat situations), his legs split into half and he moves on four legs, centaur-like, for added stability.

In the year 137 ABY, after a term of service as a spy, saboteur, and assassin, DFND4 was captured while aiding Tesh Ryon during the exodus from Gyndine. Feigning surrender, he offered to confess his crimes, but only if he could speak to Major Markus Dural, the base commander, directly. When the man approached, DFND4 triggered the hidden explosives inside his chassis and killed the Major, two officers, twelve stormtroopers, and the four technicians who were about to dismantle him. The chaos within the base during the aftermath allowed the remainder of his team time to escape.


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