Arlan Lassiter

A misfit, but a capable commander.


Worry and a seething anger once filled the face of this young, human captain, but since his defection, he has gained a noted confidence.


Captain of the Star Destroyer “Challenger”, Arlan Lassiter spent a considerable amount of time being kept at arm’s length by most other ranking officers within The Empire due to the large number of men under his command who had defected to the Fel Imperium in the earlier days of the war. This outcast status combined with a lack of career advancement made him an ideal candidate to approach for defection. The approach was carried out by the PCs during the Gyndine Project gala unveiling on Rabaan under the orders of Shandra Otara, and was successful.

As part of his defection arrangement, Lassiter took the PCs from the gala to his ship and trained them in the maintenance and operation of the Nune-class shuttle “Aggressor”, which he then provided to them for their use. Since he has been instructed to remain in the service of The Empire undercover while he slowly converts his crew over to the Imperium’s cause, the transfer of the shuttle serves to both prove his commitment to the True Emperor Roan Fel, and ensure he remains loyal – considering that should word of his deeds reach the Sith or the ruling elite of The Empire, he would surely be killed.

After months of shuffling his crew roster, he secured a loyalist crew and a confidence heretofore unseen. During “Operation: Shattered Glass,” Lassiter proved his worth by escorting a team of Fel’s best to DAC, right under the nose of the Sith.

He has since been promoted to Admiral and frequently volunteers for the most dangerous missions.

Arlan Lassiter

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