DANgerous Star Wars 2

DANgerous Star Wars 2 Log

Panning away from the emptiness of space, the camera settles onto a vibrant, water-rich planet with deep green land masses scattered across its surface. The silence is broken by the low hum of an engine as a crimson-colored shuttle comes into the frame, momentarily blocking view of the planet and its lone moon before proceeding along an approach vector and shrinking into the distance. It bears the mark of the Empire on its upper stabilizer, and as it nears the planet’s atmosphere, a voice crackles over the interior comm system:

“Attention all passengers: We are now on final approach to Rabaan. Arrival to Ban Belos Spaceport is imminent. You are required to have your identification out and ready for inspection.”

The shot changes to a spacious interior cabin, where a regally dressed woman can be seen leaning toward a large mirror-surfaced wall panel as she examines herself carefully, looking for any flaw in her completed appearance. She wears a close-fitting, yet conservative white evening gown, accentuated with more formal Imperial elements and a missionaries cowl with the hood lowered. Apparently satisfied, she closes her eyes for one deep breath before exiting the cabin and moving through a corridor into a common area. She stops just inside the doorway, eyeing the room’s other occupants expectantly:

“You’re all ready I trust?”



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